Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria

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HIM Emperor Vincent I of Arthuria
Emperor of Arthuria
Assumed office
8 March 2020
Chancellor Jack C.
Lisa W.
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Emperor of Bedroomia
In office
2 November 2019 - 3 May 2020
Prime Minister Jack C.
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office dissolved
President of the Free American Republic
In office
26 April 2019 - 8 March 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Himself (As Emperor of Arthuria)
Prince of Malinovia
Assumed office
7 July 2020
Prime Minister Sylvie Vaux
Predecessor Aydan I
Successor Incumbent
Supreme Leader of Calandia
In office
10 July 2020 - 27 July 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office dissolved
King of Valeria
Assumed office
20 August 2020
Royal Chancellor Sylvie Vaux
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
King of Paland
Assumed office
23 September 2020
Predecessor Vincent I
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born February 23, 2005 (2005-02-23) (age 15)
Nationality American
Religion Roman Catholicism
Military service
Rank Arthuria Supreme Commander
Flag of Memistan.svg Comrade General Admiral
Images (7.7).jpg Major General
SKASIAflag.png Sergeant of Arms
Ikonia Junior Navy Officer
Battles/wars Antonian War of Independence
First Memeistan-Antonian War
Second Memeistan-Antonian War
First Basement War
Second Basement War

His Imperial Majesty, Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria, also known as His Royal Highness, Vincent I, Prince of Malinovia in Malinovia, is an American micronationalist. He came to power on March 8, 2020, when the Empire was founded, though he had had previous experience with micronations dating back to mid to late 2018. He is the first and current Emperor of Arthuria, and a strong advocate of a constitutional monarchy government system. He had been involved with micronations on and off since mid-2018. He is a dedicated micronationalist and is involved with the micronation community to some degree. Outside of micronationalism, the Emperor is an amateur writer, military tactician and actor.


Vincent was born on February 23, 2005. Throughout his younger years, he began to grow a fascination with history, writing and politics. He watched many documentaries and read many books on famous battles, wars and leaders. He also grew more politically aware and active as he grew up. After he found out about micronations, he decided to try and use his knowledge of politics and history to create a successful nation.

When he was young, Vincent began to love storytelling and writing. He styled himself as "Admiral Lord Vincent", this was not micronational activity however as he never made any land claims or made any serious government decisions. To this day, he is still humorously called "Admiral Lord" from time to time by members of his family in reference to his childhood title.

Vincent started micronational activity in late 2018 with two initial states, the Grand Imperial Republic and Red Free State. After these eventually collapsed, he did not have much micronational activity until April 2019 when the Free American Republic was founded. The Republic lasted from April 26, 2019, to March 8, 2020, when it was reformed into the Arthurian Empire by popular vote due to stagnation and inactivity. Using his experience gained from his past micronations, he created a system that ideally would be less inclined to become as inactive as the previous Republic. He also appointed Jack C. of Arthuria to the position of Chancellor, to secure his position and the future of the Empire.

Micronational career

Vincent first started micronational activity in mid to late 2018 after watching videos on YouTube on micronations like Molossia, Sealand, and the Aerican Empire. Fascinated by the idea, he quickly got to work creating his own. He was the President of two short-lived republics, the Grand Imperial Republic and the Red Free State. After these two nations failed, Vincent became inactive for a few months. He came back in early 2019 when he and his best friend Jack C. formed the Crusader Republic of Memeistan and Vincent became head of the military. On April 26, 2019, Vincent formed the Free American Republic with himself as president.

As President of the Republic, Vincent worked to try and make the nation into an effective system. However, over the course of a few months, activity within the nation became limited. Vincent began to consider reform to try to revitalize the Republic and he eventually decided a monarchy would be a more effective system. On November 2, 2019, as Republic activity declined, Vincent formed a new micronation, the Bedroom Empire, with himself as Emperor. He would serve as the Bedroom Empire's Emperor until it was dissolved on May 3, 2020. By March 2020, the Republic was completely inactive and Vincent sent a vote into the Republic Congress to reform the Republic into the Arthurian Empire. On March 8, 2020, The vote passed and Vincent became Emperor of the Arthurian Empire. After becoming Emperor, he reformed the government into a unitary semi-absolute monarchy that he believes will prevent stagnation and collapse.

On April 17, 2020, Vincent participated in the second Wincott Cup, a Hearts of Iron IV tournament hosted by Earl Jack of Essexia. He played as Germany during the several hour games and by the end of it, he landed himself and the Arthurian Empire at sixth place.

On July 7, 2020, Aydan I, Prince of Malinovia, abdicated the throne of the State of Malinovia and to Vincent's surprise, offered the throne to him. He accepted and became the second Prince of the State of Malinovia.

From July, 10–27, 2020, He served as the Supreme Leader of the short-lived Social Republic of Calandia. After Calandia became inactive, Vincent dissolved the nation and reformed it into the Empire of Costella, which dissolved on August 31, 2020.

On August 5, 2020, Vincent and a close ally of his, Sylvie Vaux, established a new nation, the Menovarian Republic, as a joint project. Vincent became head of the nation, with the title Grand Consul and Sylvie became his adviser with the title of Head Senator. He would hold this position for 15 days until August 20, 2020, when the Arthurian Empire annexed the Menovarian Republic as a new member state.

Micronational foreign career

Outside of nations he has founded or taken control of, Vincent also has had a successful career in many foreign nations, getting himself numerous tiles and positions.


After establishing ties with Essexia and becoming a citizen, Vincent became involved with the Commonwealth's politics. He became a member of Earl Jamie's Royalist Party of Essexia and earned himself the rank of Captain in the Imperial Essexian Navy. In early June 2020, he sided with the Loyalists during the Second Federation crisis.

Baxlaou Republic

On August 2, 2020, Joshua, Head of State of the Baxloau Republic made Vincent the Republic's Minister of Defense. On August 15, 2020, he pioneered the creation of the Baxloau Army, which would be the Republic's central defence force.


On August 8, 2020, President Aydan Dillon of Florania made Vincent the Secretary of Defense and Foreign Affairs of Florania. He also joined the Floranian General Assembly as part of the conservative First Party.

Key West-Ziberland

In July 2020, Chancellor Maverick of the Key West-Ziberlandic Empire made Vincent a Major General in the Empire's paramilitary force, the Blue Scouts. On August 16, 2020, he was made Minister of Occupied Territories by Chancellor Maverick, which put him in charge of all of Key West-Ziberland's colonies.

Principality of Skasia

After the July elections and with 27 votes, Vincent became Sergeant of Arms of Skasia, which means he runs the armed forces of the principality. He would serve in this position until the Principality's dissolution on September 19, 2020.

Kingdom of Ikonia

On August 17, 2020, Vincent officially joined the navy of Ikonia, being given the rank Junior Navy Officer by King Cameron.

Kodrolian Empire

On August 16, 2020, Emperor Elder of the Kodrolian Empire gave Vincent the rank of Tribunus Laticlavius in the Kodrolian Army. This made him essentially the army's second in command. He served in the army until September 21, 2020, when he would leave the Army and join the Senate, becoming a Senator and the Kodrolian Empire's Minister of Defense.

Grand Imperium of Monmark

On September, 21, 2020, Vincent was awarded several titles and citizenship in the United Kingdoms of Greater Monmark by Emperor-King David Augustus I. In Monmark, Vincent became known as His Serene Highness, Vincent I, Prince of Ironside, Grand Prince of Melville Island, Knight of the Empire. Ironside is Vincent's online alias for his last name. The same day, Vincent and the Arthurian Empire became a co-owner of Siple Island as part of the Duchy of Siple. Vincent pioneered the creation of the Royal Monmarkian Navy, becoming known as the Father of the Monmarkian Navy. On September, 23, 2020, he would become a Chancellor on the Grand Imperial Council and also was crowned as the second King of the Kingdom of Paland, succeeding King Vincent I and becoming King Vincent II.

Military career

Vincent has served in numerous military command positions and has fought in several micronational wars. His first conflict happened around late 2018 when he was President of the Red Free State. One night, he was in the basement of his house talking with his brother, Anthony, who was General of the Red Free State Army. Anthony made a joke about seceding from the rest of the Free State and when Vincent asked if he was serious, he said yes. Vincent went back upstairs and they both grabbed their laser tag guns. They began shooting at each other and the Antonian War of Independence began. After two short battles, Anthony had pushed Vincent back and eventually forced him to surrender. The Treaty of the Basement granted the basement independence as the newly formed Republic of Antona.

Vincent's second conflict came a few months later around March 2019. At this point, The Red Free State had collapsed and Vincent's main micronation was the mostly satirical nation of Memeistan. His friend Jack was the President and Vincent was the General of the Memeistan Army. One night while the two were hanging out, Vincent decided to attack Antona to try and expand Memeistan. Jack agreed and the two advanced over to and down the stairs. General Anthony put up a heavy defense and the Memeistan forces had to pull back. Anthony pursued the two back to Vincent's room where Vincent and Jack held back the door while Anthony was trying to get in. Anthony eventually gave up and left, ending the First Memeistan-Antonian War with a tactical Memeistan victory.

About a week later, President Jack and General Vincent decided to attack Antona again. They marched down into the basement and occupied it, but Anthony was nowhere to be found. They waited for a while before heading back to Vincent's room. When they got in the room, Anthony burst from his hiding place and attacked Vincent. After some fighting between Vincent and Anthony, Vincent and Jack were able to push back Anthony and eventually surround him. Vincent made Anthony surrender and Memeistan officially annexed the Republic of Antona. The Second Memeistan-Antonian War ended with a decisive Memeistan victory.

In early 2020, Vincent would have his fourth micronational conflict, the First Basement War. Jack and Vincent decided to grab some NERF guns and go downstairs to engage Anthony in a battle. The two sides exchanged fire for several minutes and Anthony tried to charge a few times but was repelled by Vincent. During the fight, Jack's NERF rifle jammed and while he was trying to get it unstuck, it misfired and the dart hit Anthony right in the side of the head. This misfire gave Memeistan victory in the First Basement War.


Emperor Vincent is a self-declared monarchist. More specifically, he is an enlightened and constitutional monarchist. He believes a monarchy should be present in order to be a voice and figurehead of the state. He thinks the monarch should have the power to make reforms to help the people but not so many reforms as to harm their own power. Vincent is more conservative in many of his political views but always say that he's willing to hear both sides of an issue before making his opinion.


Emperor Vincent loves military history and strategy. He reads books and watches videos on military conflicts and tactics. He mainly plays sandbox and strategy video games such as Minecraft, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, and Kerbal Space Program. Emperor Vincent is also a huge fan of the James Bond, Star Wars and Steven Universe franchises.

Full title

Emperor Vincent's full title is His Imperial Majesty, Vincent I, Emperor of Arthuria, King of Valeria, Lord of Hougon, Prince of Malinovia, Grand Prince of Meville Island, Prince of Ironside, Knight of the Empire, Supreme Commander of the Arthurian Imperial Armed Forces, Sovereign of the Imperial Noble Orders