Vilthian Canine Unit

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The Yuniversan Canin Unit is a special force of the Decracy of Yunivers, unter the direct control of the Gendarmerie of Yunivers and of the Striated Guards. In fact, the personnel of this unit comes from those forces.

Gendarmerie of Yunivers
Yuniversan Canine Unit
Emblem of the Canine Unit
Motto: semper fideles extitimus
Established February 1, 2013
Country Yunivers
Branches Mountain rescue, Anti-drug, Anti-terrorism, Assistance in case of disasters.
Previous Engagements
Commander-in-Chief C. De Biasio
Governor Minister M. Vidoni
General information
Headquarters Colonia
Active personnel 3
Standard weapon
Assault weapon


These units are often used by the Striated Guards to patrol the borders. May be used also in case of disasters, for example earthquakes, or for rescues. In their tasks, there are also anti-terrorism and anti-drug duties.


The unit consists of 4 dogs.

  • 1 English Setter
  • 2 German Shepherd
  • 1 Italian Shepherd