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Vignetia's Festival

The Vignetia's Festival is a traditional festival that takes place in Vignetia every year, in the second week of July. During this week, the borders of the city are open to the public for fixed times. In this way, anyone can discover Yunivers and its traditions.


At every festival there are numerous cultural and recreational events, such as:

  • Flea markets
  • Guided tours of the city
  • Concerts and Shows
  • Street performers, clowns and jugglers.
  • Visits to the Yuniversan Museums
  • Nights of Outdoor Cinema

Every night there are gastronomic stalls, where you can taste local specialties, accompanied by live music.


For the festival are made special trips along the Trans-Yunivers railway, to allow citizens to participate in the events. There are also more trips of the Vignetia Tramway, to facilitate the movement within the city. The museums are open to the public. Are also installed temporary residences for visitors who want to stay within the city. These are usually large equipped tents, that can accommodate up to 10 people and equipped with toilets.