Vice President of the United Provinces of Natlin

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Vice President of the
United Provinces of Natlin
Flag of the Vice President
Stephen Santiago

since July 18 2018
Office of Vice President
United Provinces of Natlin Senate
Executive branch of Natlin Office of the Vice President
StyleMr. Vice President
Status2nd highest in executive branch
President of the Senate
ResidenceJeanette Capitol Building
SeatNew Dakotuh
Term lengthFour years, no limit
First holderNina Deceuninckvancapelle

The Vice President of Natlin is the second-highest executive official of the Natalanian government. As first in the presidential line of succession, the Vice President becomes the new President of Natlin upon the death, resignation, or removal of the President. The Vice President also serves as the President of the Senate.

The current Vice President of Natlin is Stephen Santiago.