Vice-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

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The Vice-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, is the deputy executive leader and deputy chief administrative officer of the Grand Unified Micronational. The role is subordinate to the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. The power the Vice-Chair wields varies and has been left largely to the discretion of individual Chairs, depending on their circumstances. Some Chairs have deputised work to their Vice-Chairs, such as chairing Quorum, more than others. The Vice-Chair has the power to preside over the Quorum of Delegates if the Chair so requires it. The Vice-Chair can assume the Chairmanship upon the incapacity, resignation, or a vote of no confidence in the Chair, and this has happened on 7 occasions.

Vice-Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
Brooke Kennedy.jpg
Brooklyn Kennedy

since 20 March 2021
StyleMr./M./Mme. Vice-Chair
Esteemed Vice-Chair
His/Her Excellency[1]
AppointerChair of the GUM
Term lengthIndefinite
Inaugural holderKalvin Koolidge
Formation15 February 2009

The Vice-Chairmanship has become a more prevalent role in recent times and is now seen as one of the most important roles in the micronational community. Notable former Vice-Chairs include Alexander Reinhardt, Jonathan I, and Adam I. Some have also associated it as being a springboard to the Chairmanship, with many former Vice-Chairs going on and becoming Chairs.

The current Vice-Chair is Dame Brooklyn Kennedy who has served since 20 March 2021.


The Vice-Chair serves for an indefinite period after confirmation, although most incoming Chairs seek to nominate a new Vice-Chair, who then has to be confirmed in the Quorum of Delegates. A charter amendment proposed by Newton von Uberquie to require the Chair and Vice-Chair to run on joint tickets, to get rid of the existing appointments process which some have criticised as being flawed, failed to pass by 1 vote.

Notably, only one prospective Vice-Chair, Leon Montan, has ever failed to secure confirmation in the Quorum of Delegates after being nominated by a Chairman.

List of GUM Vice-Chairmen

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Chair Term of office Political affiliation
1   Kalvin Koolidge
Republic of Petorio
N/A 31 May 2009 13 July 2009 Independent
One of the original members of the Grand Unified Micronational, and the first Chairman.
2   Alexander Reinhardt
Federal Republic of St.Charlie
James Stewart
13 July 2009 27 September 2009 National Party of St.Charlie
Second Vice-Chairman.
3   Wilhelm von Hartmann
Empire of New Europe
Robert Lethler 13 October 2009 22 December 2009 Independent
First Vice-Chair to become Acting Chair, after Lethler resigned.
Vacant from 22 December 2009 to 13 January 2010
4   Ben Lawson
Socialist Republic of Murrayfield
Jacob Tierney 13 January 2010 February 2010 Wyke Social Democrat Party
Fourth Vice-Chairman.
5   Alexander Reinhardt
Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Jacob Tierney February 2010 13 April 2010 National Party of St.Charlie
Served as "Vice-Chair with emergency powers", but did not officially become Acting Chair.
6   James von Puchow
Antarctic Community of Landashir
Robert Lethler
Will Sörgel
13 April 2010 28 July 2010 Independent
Became Acting Chair following resignation of Will Sörgel.
Vacant from 28 July 2010 to 14 August 2011
7   Will Sörgel
State of Sandus
Jacob Tierney 14 August 2011 13 December 2011 Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus
Acting Vice-Chair between 14 August and 13 September.
8   Sebastian Linden
Nemkhav Federation
Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar 13 December 2011 18 Decemember 2011 Independent
8th Vice-Chairman.
9   Lucas Campos
Grand Duchy of Koss
Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar 18 December 2011 13 March 2012 Independent
9th Vice-Chairman.
10   Will Sörgel
State of Sandus
Bradley of Dullahan 14 March 2012 22 April 2012 Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus
10th Vice-Chairman.
  Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar
Empire of Austenasia
Will Sörgel 22 April 2012 13 June 2012 Theodorist Party of Austenasia
11   Jacob Tierney
Free State of Renasia
Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar 17 June 2012 13 September 2012 Independent
11th Vice-Chairman. Founder of the GUM.
12   Yaroslav Mar
Republic of Lostisland
Jacob Tierney 15 September 2012 13 December 2012 Democratic Party of Lostisland
12th Vice-Chairman.
13   Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Yaroslav Mar 16 December 2012 19 January 2013 Wyvernian Liberal Party
Became Acting Chair following the resignation of Yaroslav Mar, but resigned himself after just 46 minutes.
  Tom Turner
Federal Republic of Rukora
Jonathan I 20 January 2013 13 March 2013 Libsozil
Acting Vice-Chair.
14   Leon Williamson
Richard Cunningham 17 March 2013 13 June 2013 Independent
14th Vice-Chairman.
15   Will Sörgel
State of Sandus
Jacob Tierney 13 June 2013 13 September 2013 Citizens' Communist Party of Sandus
15th Vice-Chairman.
16   Kuri Kabanov
Free State of Renasia
Quentin I 15 September 2013 13 September 2013 Independent
16th Vice-Chairman.
17   Adam I
Empire of Adammia
Ciprian I 15 December 2013 13 March 2014 Liberal Party of Adammia
17th Vice-Chairman.
18   Arthur I
Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland
Bradley of Dullahan
Joseph Kennedy
16 March 2014 13 September 2014 Technocratic Party of Würdigeland
18th Vice-Chairman
19   Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata
Adam I 14 September 2014 13 December 2014 Conradh Daonlathais
19th Vice-Chairman
20   Newton von Uberquie
Taeglan I Nihilus 21 December 2014 1 April 2015 Emo Rights Party
20th Vice-Chairman.
21   Brooke Kennedy
Empire of Austenasia
Adam I 1 April 2015 14 June 2015 Independent
21st Vice-Chairman.
  Fionnbarra Ó Cathail
Confederation of Leylandiistan and Gurvata
Jonathan I 26 April 2016 25 June 2016 Conradh Daonlathais
Acting Vice-Chair.
22   Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Fionnbarra Ó Cathail 25 June 2016 10 September 2016 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Became Acting Chair following the resignation of Fionnbarra Ó Cathail.
23   Bradley of Dullahan
Kingdom of Wyvern
Jonathan I 10 September 2016 25 September 2016 Wyvernian Liberal Party
23rd Vice-Chairman.
24   Shiro of Zenrax
Federation of Zenrax
Adam I 25 December 2016 11 March 2017 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Resigned shortly before the Chair's own resignation two weeks later.
25   Henry Clémens
Essian Commonwealth
Adam I 11 March 2017 28 March 2017 Independent
Considered Liberal
Became Acting Chair upon the resignation of the Adam I.
26   Newton von Uberquie
Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg
Henry Clémens 2 April 2017 24 September 2017 Emo Rights Party
26th Vice-Chairman.
27   Tarik Kârjasary
Kingdom of Sabia and Verona
Henry Clémens
Adam I
24 September 2017 14 January 2018 Independent
27th Vice-Chair.
28   Max of Jupiter
Kingdom of Jupiter
Adam I (Uberstadt)
Adam I (Adammia)
14 January 2018 7 July 2019 Independent
Considered Monarchist
The longest serving Vice-Chairman in the organisation's history, serving under three consecutive Chairmen for over one and a half years.
29   Jonathan I
Empire of Austenasia
Bradley of Dullahan
Thomas I
7 July 2019 11 January 2020 Independent
Considered Monarchist
Served as Vice-Chair with emergency powers from 27 November to 2 December.
30 120px Matthew of Essexia
Commonwealth of Essexia
Thomas I
Newton von Uberquie
Jack Dean
11 January 2020 11 March 2021 Progressive Workers' Party
Newly appointed Vice-Chairman.
31   Brooke Kennedy
Commonwealth of New Virginia
Jack Dean 20 March 2021 Incumbent Independent
Considered Progressive
Newly appointed Vice-Chair.


  1. This an informal style, used only on occasion, often by parties outside of the Grand Unified Micronational.