Vic Rosenheart

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Vic Rosenheart, SMP
Rosenheart's official portrait (November 2017)
Member of Parliament in Sademaara
Assumed office
November 17, 2017
Abeldane Emperor Stephen I & II
Governor Nick Fredriksson
Alongside Nick Fredriksson, Sophie Luna
Personal information
Born September 5, 2000 (age 19)
Martin, Tennessee, United States
Citizenship American, Sademaaran
Nationality American
Residence Troy, Tennessee, United States
Occupation Student, writer

Vic Rosenheart (born September 5, 2000) is a Sademaaran Member of Parliament.

Micronational career

In 2017, Rosenheart met Nick Fredriksson over the Internet messaging platform Discord. The two quickly became friends, and when Fredriksson established Sademaara in November 2017, Rosenheart was quick to join the nation, and is serving as an interim MP.

Personal life

Born in the US state of Tennessee in 2000, Rosenheart began writing daily in 2008 and joined their local basketball team a year later. In 2011, they learned how to play the saxophone, and their writing career continued in 2013 when they developed an interest in poetry. One of Rosenheart's poems was published in 2015 in their high school's literary magazine, with them being the only non-senior published.