Viadalmenian Confederacy

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Viadalmenian Confederacy
Cjonfejdti Vijdalcidolmene
Viadalmenieshe Confederatie

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic.png
Flag of Viadalvia
Dolmanian flag.png
Flag of Dolmenia

Official language(s)Dutch ,English ,American English ,Viadalvian
Official religion(s)None offical
Short nameViadalvia
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
Established12 January 2015
CurrencyViadalvian Sahel (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Time zoneUTC +7

Viadalmenia officaly known as the Viadalmenian Confederacy, also referred to as the Dolma-Viadalvia , is a confederation of self-proclaimed Republic of Viadalvia and self-proclaimed State of Dolmenia in Europe, both which share a border with the Netherlands and UK. The name "Viadalmenia" being able to be calqued literally as "Viadalvia-Dolmenia"

The two self-proclaimed Republics are not recognized by any country The creation of the Confederation was declared on 12 January 2015 and agreements were signed between the leaders of the two republics on 24 May. On 16 January, leaders from both state' declared the merger of their constitutions, and the creation of Viadalmenia About 268 people live in the self-proclaimed republics controlled areas combined; and have 206 citizens