Vertigo Communications G.C.

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VCom - Vertigo Communications G.C.
Governmental Company
PredecessorVerTV (now a VCom service)
Founded19 February 2015
FounderRoi A. Gerszkoviez, President of Vertigo
Area served
Presidency of Vertigo
Key people
Roi A. Gerszkoviez, Founder
ServicesTelephony, Mobile telephony, IPTV, Internet Services
OwnerPresidency of Vertigo
Number of employees

VCom - Vertigo Communications G.C. is a Vertigan company, started on 19 February 2015 and owned by the government, that supplies telecommunication services, mostly for free. It currently consists of one employee and 2 local servers.


VerTV was originally founded to be a national company that provides free IPTV service for the citizen of Vertigo and the entire world. It was started on 08 December 2014, and since 19 February 2015 it has become a service of the new-born governmental company.
Its name, "VerTV" means "Watch TV" in Spanish. It is also similar to Vertigo, the name of the nation it serves.
The plan for the near future is to transmit all of the Vertigan channels and some foreign channels for free through IPTV, to the citizens of Vertigo.

Telephony and Mobile Telephony

The telephony and Mobile telephony services are both based on the same service.
The mobile telephony service uses WiFi as a wireless platform to transmit the data needed to and from the cellular phone. The landlines are connected by wires to the main service unit, therefore, they are currently limited in quantity.


As VCom tries to provide free services, the mobile phone service is absolutely free. On the other hand, the landlines quantity is really limited, therefore it does cost a monthly fee to own one.

Number Assigning

The phone numbers are 6 digits length, assigned randomly or by the client's request, while the prefix is assigned as the following table shows:

Prefix Service Location
11 Landlines Presidency of Vertigo
12 Cellphones Presidency of Vertigo

Internet Services

As part of the mobile and landline phone lines, VCom gives a free, stable, high speed, Internet connection. VCom is planning to give at least 100MBps free or relatively cheap Internet service in the future.