Vertigo Broadcasting Authority

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Vertigo Broadcasting Authority
Formation19 October 2014
Legal statusGovernmental Company
PurposeTelevision and Radio Communications Authority
Official language
OwnerRepublic of Vertigo
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After the 30 September reconstruction, President Gerszkoviez decided he has to start a broadcasting authority for Vertigo. He started it the 19 October 2014.
The only channel VBA transmitted until 06 August 2015, was 5ports. That channel still streams repetitions of M-League matches.
The VBA runs a YouTube channel, and a local IPTV channel - Vertigo 1 - in the current government's headquarters.


To legally broadcast from and to Vertigo, you need to apply for a license from the VBA. The licenses can be limited to areas. Each license has a unique callsign, which has to be part of its IPTV, HDTV, DTV, STV or radio broadcast, usually seen on the channels' commercial breaks.

Callsign Channel/Station License Expiry date License Explanation
LN 1 IPTV Vertigo 1 31 December 2015, 23:59 (UTC+2) License: National, IPTV.


Apart of being the only authority for giving and administrating TV and radio licenses and broadcasts, the VBA is also a broadcaster.

Vertigo 1

Vertigo 1 (LN 1 IPTV) is a Vertigan TV channel dedicated to general broadcasts, and was started using the old VBA 5ports license.
It broadcasts on IPTV and YouTube, and its first broadcast was an MRL match - CD Vertigo against Vjesin Strikers - on 10 September 2015.

Licensed Broadcasts

VBA 5ports

The VBA 5ports channel was a Vertigan TV channel dedicated to sports and eSports broadcasts.
It was started on 19 October 2014, and used the LN 1 IPTV license.
The channel was closed on 6 August 2015, but there's an automatic channel that is still broadcasting.