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Confederate States of Varidosa

“Glory to Us!”
America, the Beautiful
San Bernardino County, United States
Capital cityGreater Brandenburg
Largest cityNew Serpetia
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameVaridosa
- Executive ChancellorAndy Irons
- ChairGabe Griffins
LegislatureConfederate Assembly
EstablishedFebruary 23rd, 2017
Population6 (as of February 2018 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePTZ
National animalSpanish Eagle and English Lion

The Confederate States of Varidosa or Varidosa is a micronation founded on February 23, 2018. It was founded by Andy Irons and Gabe Griffins originally as a simulationist Caribbean nation, but went on to declare itself a micronation. It is one of the smaller nations in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector.

Varidosa is a Confederacy, with Andy Irons as its Executive Chancellor and Gabe Griffins as its Chair. The Legislative Body of government is the Confederate Assembly, which is made up of elected officials from each state. The Judicial Body of government is the Confederal Court, which enforces laws passed by the Confederate Assembly.


The idea of Varidosa was thought up by Gabe Griffins on February 18, 2018. He contacted his friend, Andy Irons or also known as Andrew I of Austrovia, and decided to use the nation in an Caribbean nation project. After the project, the friends decided to make Varidosa a micronation.

On February 23, Gabe and Andy declared the Confederate States of Varidosa and seceded from the United States. Andy was elected the Executive Chancellor and appointed Gabe as his Chair of Government. Six citizens from Austrovia decided to join the Confederate States while also retaining their Austrovian citizenship.



The Executive Chancellor is the Head of State of Varidosa. He or She is elected in a general election and serves as the Supreme Judge of the Court. The Chair is the Head of Government and is appointed by the Executive Chancellor. The Chair is the speaker of the Assembly.


The Confederate Assembly is the sole legislative body in the nation. It serves as the lawmaking branch of government and creates new laws every month. The members of the Assembly (called Assemblymen or women) are elected during legislative elections and represent the people of their state.


The Confederate Court is the judicial body of government. Its purpose is to enforce the laws passed by the Assembly. The Confederate Court answers the Executive Chancellor and is in control of the law enforcement in the country.

Foreign Affairs

The Confederate States recognizes: