Vanguard League

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Vanguard League


Military alliance

Maximum manpower 72

Established August 24, 2019
Dissolved March 8th, 2020

Vanguard League was a micronational military alliance between 7 North American micronations. The organization became defunct March 8th 2020.


Vanguard League was formed August 24th in direct response to aggression from Ernish Union and perceived threat from the League of Mutual Defense and Trade. The LMDT was an alliance formed by East Michigan, it's existence was deemed a threat to interests of Vanguard League members.

Member States

Here is a list of Vanguard League Members.

Top Members

Flag Nation
Newnatlinflag.png United Provinces of Natlin
Union of Mountain States.png Union of Mountain States
Saugeen Flag.png Kingdom of the Saugeen

Member States

Flag Nation
Republic of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth
Delphia.png Federal States of Delphia
Republicoflarcon.jpg Republic of Larcon
UnitedOceanStates.jpg United Ocean States
DRHouseistan.png Democratic Republic of Houseistan