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|nativename = Makira
|nativename = Makira
| pronunciation =  
| pronunciation =  
| states = [[Matai|Matai]]
| states = [[Matai]]
| speakers= 0
| speakers= 0
| familycolor= #5D8AA8 |fam1=[[w:Constructed language|Constructed language]]  
| familycolor= #5D8AA8 |fam1=[[w:Constructed language|Constructed language]]  

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Native toMatai
Native speakers
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Uvahle-Tana, or Makira, is an Austronesian language that was spoken in southwestern Matai, and is now one of the official languages of the Kingdom of Makira. It is most notable for its system of reduplication.




Labial Alveolar Velar Labial-velar Glottal
Plosive p t k ʔ
Nasal m n ŋ ŋ͡mʷ
Fricative v ɬ h
Lateral l
Flap ɾ



Reduplication is used in Uvahle-Tana to form plurals. In the language, their are two main forms of reduplication, the first of which is used for words with three or more syllables, and the second form is used for words with two or less syllables.

CV reduplication

In this type of duplication, the first syllable of the word is reduplicated.

nakamai 'house' → nanakamai 'houses'

Root reduplication

In this type of duplication, the entire root of the word is reduplicated.

rehi 'word' → rehirehi 'words'


  • "Ahi" string
  • "Ehihihlo" rock
  • "Hlinari" fruit
  • "Kuruhlai" money
  • "Makira" language
  • "M̄ihali" tree
  • "Nakamai" house
  • "Pihana" draw