Uskorian credit

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Kredit (Swedish)
Kredit (Uskorian)

Zealandian Credit logo.png
Official usersZealandian Flag (2016).png Uskor
Pegged toAU$1.00
Coins50cn 1Cr, 2Cr (proposed)
Banknotes5Cr, 10Cr, 20Cr, 50Cr, 100Cr
Central bankState Bank of Zealandia
PrinterUskorian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Credit (Swedish: Kredit, Uskorian: Kredit) (sign: Cr; code: ZLC) is the currency of the Socialist Commonwealth of Uskor. It is subdivided into 100 cents (sign: cn). It was created by Prime Minister Claire Nymoria and Chairwoman Charlotte Lindstrom and is printed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Tyrshavn, Denton.


Following the Red April Revolution the Uskorian Government began talks about what to replace the Uskorian Krona with. After many proposal including abolishing currency, labour coupons and other ideas, Prime Minister and Minister for Internal Affairs Claire Nymoria proposed to the Council of State that a new currency named the Credit should be introduced to replaced the monarchist themed Krona.
On 12 November 2016 the State Bank of Uskor announced that the Credit would begin circulation on 1 December 2016 replacing the pre revolutionary Krona.


Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of the Credit does not vary much, once an exchange rate is set by the State Bank of Uskor, both the Credit and the currency to be exchanged are pegged together. The Credit is also macronationally pegged to the Australian Dollar at a rate 1Cr is equal to $1AU.

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