Uskorian People’s Party

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Uskorian People's Party
Parliamentary LeaderThe Right Honourable Dame Brittany Danger, Baroness Wollongong MLA
ChairwomanHigh Queen Charlotte
Slogan"For Uskor"
FoundedOctober 2018
Membership  (2019)3
Political positionCenter left
National affiliationFatherland Union
Official colorsPink and White
Votes in the Landtag
130 / 349
Delegates to the Landtag
2 / 7

The People’s Party is a political party in the Commonwealth of Uskor. Originally established by Charlotte Katrinsdottir, it has its history in a number of Uskorian political parties and movements and is considered the successor party to previous parties such as the Social Democratic Party.
The People’s Party is known for its anti fascist rhetoric and activism, in addition to its vocal and strident support for the Uskorian Monarchy.


The People’s Party has its historical roots in a number of former political parties in Uskor and was formed following the restoration of the Uskorian monarchy in 2017.
The People’s Party entered the Legislative Assembly of Uskor (Landtag) on October 2018 with an equal number of votes to the Uskorian Labour Party and subsequently entered into the Fatherland Union coalition with the Labour Party and Independent List Party.

Prominent political positions

The People’s Party holds a number of prominent political positions within Uskor and related to international affairs including:

  • Condemnation of Australia’s policies towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Condemnation of Australia’s human rights record
  • Support for Uskorian cultural development and the Uskorian Monarchy
  • Support of Uskorian Neutrality
  • Support for introducing market reforms to enable business and regulations of the market
  • To promote equality and the elimination of inequality where possible
  • To promote a clean and safe environment and the protection of the environment
  • To stand with and support LGBTQIA people against persecution
  • To advance the Uskorian People and State

Election results

Election year Leader Votes in the Landtag Delegates to the Landtag
2018 Brittany Danger
130 / 350
2 / 7

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