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Rachel's response

Hello, Harry!

I am sorry I didn't respond as soon as I possibly could. I don't check the site often and I expected a message from Theledir and I didn't get one for a while so I basically left due lack of interest. I am actually really glad you reached out to me, though. Ever since I left Facebook, I have thought about whether or not we would online-meet again and I just sort of assumed it would never happen or if it did, you'd be mad at me.

A lot of things have happened since we last spoke. But in something that is positive, recent (after you sent your message), and a Big Deal™, I got a High School Equivalency Certificate. If you don't know what is ('cuz different countries), I took a test and it showed that even though I am a high school dropout, I am basically as knowledgeable as a high school student. The benefits of this, to put it cynically, include being able to sell my labour to the bourgeoisie, being able to acquire student debt that I can't pay off, and going up the socio-educational hierarchy.

I hope you have also been doing well. How have you been?

Burkland (talk) 16:24, 21 April 2019 (UTC)