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Luxor (talk) 11:01, 28 April 2021 (UTC)

Deletion of articles

Why would you like the Baysap article to be deleted? Matt talk ☼ 00:57, 16 February 2022 (UTC)

Hello, thank you for your concern, Baysap was a political organization during the Empire of Greater Bradonia with a political alignment of my views at the time. It lasted until I decided to make some necessary reform to my Kingdom, as upon further inspection, I did not view the idea of a political party or association necessary, due to how their cons can cause big problems and overall my personal opinion, I did not feel the need or necessity for political parties within my Kingdom.

I would like the Bayssp Page deleted, due to it no longer reflecting what I currently believe or strive for at the time. I don't view it as something that should be on microwiki, not out of what is in the box, but rather that it is no longer relevant to the current views of the Kingdom nor do I see a use to keep the Baysap page.

Thank you for asking! ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk


This user has recently been gnomed, and now knows that Noggin Clontith is gnot a gnelf or a gnoblin.

- --That annoying potato boy 16:24, 19 February 2022 (UTC)

Great ._. now I'm a gnome, why do they even spell it with a g? Your's Truly, ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk

Ever heard of a silent letter? - --That annoying potato boy 12:39, 7 March 2022 (UTC)

But- Wasn't that me getting gnomed? ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk - 6:34 BST?

Headline articles


the headline section is for approved publications only, which are specified in the list of approved publications on the template itself. If this was a mistake and your publication is approved, please let me know its name so this can be avoided in the future. --Luxor (talk) 15:54, 25 February 2022 (UTC)

Hello, I understand, Thank you for telling me this, I did not know about the approved publications sections and how they work, nor did I know that it was for approved publications only. I will refrain from editing the headline section in the future, so I and Bradonia Network can avoid unnecessary trouble from the Microwiki Team ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk

Modernization of the Chat-Room

Hello, I have decided to make a new, much more better chat-room, which is simply there to just chat, just a better appealing look to give it a much better appeal unlike last time, so anything unnecessary was removed, changes to be coming within the day. ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk

Hello again

Hello Brady, don't know if you remember me but, I am Kevin, King of Blazdonia. We were friends with you and Bradonia before you left micronationalism. Never knew that you came back. Anyways, I'd love to be in contact again, my Discord tag is H.Ill.R.E.M. King Kevin#8081 Kevin Doan 04:12, 26 February 2022 (UTC)

Greetings, I do in fact remember you I apologize that our diplomatic relationship between our two nations has not gone well, and I apologize for acting incompetent in the past towards you. I have become better leader, and Bradonia has become a much better nation due to realizing my mistakes and me wanting to correct them.

Unfortunately, I have deleted all of my discord account, and banned myself of all social media due to me viewing it as nothing but trouble. Bradonia is also a mostly isolationist nation, and we are unlikely to engage in much foreign or diplomatic relations due to the countless times of our nation meaning nothing, or being mocked by others. I am very sorry you have to hear this, but at the end of the day, it is within my best interest that I not interfere or get involved with foreign affairs at the time.

I am very sorry for not being a better ally towards your Kingdom. I wish your nation prosperity and I wish you well. ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk

I am forever successful in what I do

What I say goes and what goes is what I say it is simple, very simple

Can we have the Holy Violet Church, I mean I am you after all.

Yes, I know I am not a sockpuppet, I am clearly not a sockpuppet, but I ask of you, can we annex Holy Violet Church? - 21:01 BCT ✽ Holy Bradonic Violet Church ✽  • Talk.

Hello (me), I HGM approve the authorization of obtaining the Holy Violet Church, as it is something I always wanted to do. You will serve as the HBVC holder, if that is to be the case, I wish you well on your duties and no microwiki mods/admins I mean no harm. ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk - 21:01 BCT

- Haha love it x) good one HolyVioletChurch 7/03/22 - 13:16

- Yeah, he can be pretty funny at times xD - ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk 6:20 BCT

Talk the Talk Walk the Walk

Talk to the Talk Walk to the Walk and Talk to the Talk Walk to the Walk - 11:20 BCT ✽ Holy Bradonic Violet Church ✽  • Talk.

- How bout NO!! - ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk - 11:20 BCT

Regarding Recognition and Citizenship Effective 4/16/22

Hello, as of 4/16/22 the Kingdom of Bradonia will NO LONGER be accepting any diplomatic relations, recognitions, or citizenships from any individual or micronation. This decision has ultimately been made, after the "Year of Hell" Which Bradonia went through after the April Crash, and as such, Bradonia wants nothing to do with any micronations or any micronationlists from the micronational community.

I have made this decision simply because, I feel no obligation let alone any reason to be involved in the greater diplomatic micronational community, as our neighboring state and states like it, have engaged in policies and behaviors which are not desirable to the Bradonian nation's standards, rather they have become so focused on "Activity" and "Popularity" rather than respect and development. I see no reason to engage in foreign relations simply, because why bother? Most micronations are just carbon copies to me, always having to be related to Discord somehow, and always engaging themselves in such destructive ways, while forgetting what micronationlism is all about, disregarding micronationalism for false popularity.

It has been clear, that after Bradonia went into isolation, that we do not need foreign relations, that we do not want it, and frankly the same still applies today, why bother getting involved if the nations getting involved do not respect the traditions and ideas of micronationalism itself? So I announce that Bradonia will no longer accept any attempts at foreign relations let alone, citizenship requests outside of Bradonia's local range. Bradonia will decline all diplomatic and foreign affairs, and Bradonia will not make any attempts to engage in foreign relations with any nations.

As much as I hate for me to say this, I just don't think I can any of them "micronations" anymore, simply because of how far off they have gone from it, and while I would like to give them my opinion, and my voice on such matters and try to improve the astrosphere of the community, in conclusion, they will not care, and will simply continue to do what they always have done, because to them, I am nothing but a squabbling ant, and so, it is best if we go our own way's simply for the better

Sincerely ❃ NewBradonianEdit ❃ Talk - 19:15 (BCT)