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For Poilce Tech The Ministry of Justice And Defense Of New Capanesia

The police will now look into investigating to let everyone know now that everyone is having trouble using WikiMicro. The police will investigate the matter. Notify me of any problems. Now the police tried to investigate and it collapsed. and hastened to make an arrest Charged with assaulting Bandit Broken Rule Edit using the Internet Sorry in the air here on the way from the police station. For. Ministry of Justice And Defense Of New Capanesia 29/12/2021 Idk what I just read but aight Sir Otto Gillespie Birch 03:59, 29 December 2021 (UTC)

Revert of "unneeded" edit

Hi there. I noticed you reverted my edit that cleaned up the table to use style="text-align: center;" instead of <center> </center>.

I can agree that the images were not really necessary to resize, but the table is rather messy with all the center tags, and besides, style="text-align: center;" yields the same result since the table used <center> for every field anyways. Furthermore, the use of <center> should be discouraged anyways since it's a deprecated tag in HTML5.

Apart from resizing the images to identical widths, would you care to explain what you though was unneeded about my edit? Thanks. 🍸 MattL (talk) 16:12, 5 January 2022 (UTC)

Deleted wrong page?

I'm pretty sure this was a mistake, but you deleted the correctly capitalized version of the Wakoku federation article after I put {{delete}} on the unused, incorrectly capitalized redirect page. 🍸 MattL (talk) 23:52, 10 January 2022 (UTC)