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Would you like to engage in diplomatic relations Archland Empire

Mutual Recognition and Diplomatic Relationships

Dear Sir Edward Jacobs,
My micronations,the German Reich of Mednyi and the People's Republic of Hashima will be pleased to can establish mutual recognitions and diplomatic relationships with the Tsardom of Ashukovo,and i also invite your micronation to enter inside the Organization of Asian Micronations and in the United Micronations.
I will wait for an your reply.
Fabriziodg91 (talk) 16:12, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

What the hell

Man, tell me when you want to declare independence and I'll give it to you. Did you honestly think I wouldn't see that you'd declared independence? Let's negotiate and do this the formal way. I've never even met you.

-Nedland (talk) 14:58, 10 February 2017 (UTC)

Are you antisocial or something? What is wrong with you? Nedland (talk) 13:49, 13 February 2017 (UTC)


Odd, I don't seem to have gotten a request from you, sorry for being autistic. Could you send it again? Nedland (talk) 22:27, 13 February 2017 (UTC)

I actually unsubscribed from Facebook emails because there were so many of them. What is your name, I couldn't find anything for Edward or Ed Jacobs. Nedland (talk) 23:01, 13 February 2017 (UTC)

Micropages Project

Hello there, my name is Suzuki Leōcor. I am emailing you in regards to the Micropages Project, the ongoing attempt to list all currently active micronations. We are currently updating all of the information provided in this list, and I wish to confirm that your micronation, Ashukovo, is still active, as well as information regarding Ashukovo's current statistics for the Micropages records.

We ask that you please provide the following information about Ashukovo in a response to this email:

-Confirm that your micronation is currently active.

-Your micronation's short and long name.

-Primary macronation of existence (where your capital is located is usually what this entails).

-The stance of your micronation (secessionist or simulationist).

-The capital city of your micronation.

-Your current population.

-Your current Head of State(s) (first and last name, if possible).

- Please also enclose a file of your current flag.

Please be aware that failure to respond to this email after three months will result in the removal of your micronation from the Micropages Project, on the grounds that it should be considered inactive. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon! Suzuki (talk) 22:54, 28 October 2017 (UTC)

Since your involved

Since I cannot access the website, if someone wanted to open up diplomacy with the Ashukov Federation, how would they go about doing so.--Guess I never Miss (talk) 15:42, 28 February 2020 (UTC)