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<h1 style="margin:0; border-bottom:1; color:#000000;">[[File:Baustralian Monarch COA.png|27px]]&nbsp;Talk page of HM [[John I of Baustralia|John I]] concerning BAU, TEN, the Commonwealth, or the UMOW</h1>
{{Ambox|text = Any discussions about Baustralia, Tentacion, the commonwealth, or the <abbr title="United Micronational Organization in favour of War>UMOW</abbr> shall be directed on this page.<br>Any discussions about the government shall be directed on [[User talk:PM of Baustralia|this page]].<br>Any other discussions shall be directed on [[User talk:KingdomOfBaustralia|this page]].|image = [[File:Baustralian Monarch COA.png|40px]]}}
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Please disregard Add Topic button below, the link is broken and I have no way of fixing it. Please use the Add topic button by the search bar
--HM John I of Baustralia <sup>([[User_talk:KingdomOfBaustralia|Talk]])</sup> 20:33, 10 August 2017 (UTC)
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