Stop vandalising Kapresh Civil War

A formal warning

Good evening, this message is to give you a formal warning in regards to your edits on the Faltrian-Surdamian War page. It is never acceptable to blank an article on MicroWiki. If you feel an article is disruptive, untrue, or in any other way inappropriate for this site, you are free to debate the topic in the page’s talk section until a consensus is reached. If an article should in your opinion be deleted, please tag the article accordingly with a justification in the page’s talk section. Finally if something is seen as dangerous please report it to administration. In conclusion, blanking articles you disagree with is a form of vandalism and is never allowed on this wiki. As such you have received this official warning. If you engage in such actions again you will be subject to a 24 hour ban per our TOS.

Thank you —MSTarget (talk) 07:56, 15 July 2021 (UTC)