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(Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: new section)
(removing claims of Islands)
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King Wallace of Archland
King Wallace of Archland
==removing claims of Islands==
If I remove my claim of the island's could we have an alliance and also I have an email address could you please give yours
King wallace
== Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==
== Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==

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look at User talk:Cip#Re:Answer. Dániel-Jürgen (talk) 21:28, 24 February 2014 (UTC)


Hello, I would just like to clear up why you reversed my edits on the History of Freya article. I have been in communication with Trace Fleeman, the creator of the article and current leader of Freya, and we have come to an agreement to merge the articles for a more factual and unbiased presentation of Californian micronational history.


sorry for replying so late but you comment on my article arc land empire made me think that you and me could have an alliance so would you lim to engage in diplomatic relations Thanks King Wallace of Archland


You have no right to do that!