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'''Hello my name is [[Raphaël Olivier I|Raphaël Olivier]] and i’m the current Prime Minister of [[Grandelumiere]]! [[Grandelumiere]] is a small Micronation located in Southern Quebec! I’m young but I personally think I know a lot about politics however that shall be yours to judge. I speak fluent French, English and Spanish and i’m a proud right-winger and catholic-christian. †''' 
[[Empire of Syldavia]], [[Klow-South]], [[Biysk]], [[Raphaël Olivier I]] and [[Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Benjastan]].
''*I nearly always use a mobile device like an Ipad.''
'''I hold citizenship in [[Grandelumiere]], Canada, [[Cycoldia]] and [[Benjastan]]
. I lead a political party in [[Benjastan]] ([[Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Benjastan]]) and I am currently Prime Minister of [[Grandelumiere]]

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