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Lights rose on an enormous room packed with television screens.

What horrible secret did this place hold, Stanley thought to himself. Did he have the strength to find out?

Now the monitors jumped to life, their true nature revealed.

Each bore the numbers of an employee in the building: Stanley's co-workers.

The lives of so many individuals reduced to images on a screen. And Stanley, one of them, eternally monitored in this place where freedom meant nothing.

This mind control facility... It was too horrible to believe; it couldn't be true.

Had Stanley really been in someone's control all this time? Was this the only reason he was happy with his boring job?

That his emotions had been manipulated to accept it blindly?

No! He refused to believe it. He couldn't accept it; his own life in someone else's control? Never!

It was unthinkable, Wasn't it? Was it even possible?

Had he truly spent his entire life utterly blind to the world?

But here was the proof. The heart of the operation. Controls labeled with emotions: 'happy' or 'sad' or 'content'.

Walking, eating, working... all of it monitored and commanded from this very place.

And as the cold reality of his past began to sink in, Stanley decided that this machinery would never again exert its terrible power over another human life.

For he would dismantle the controls once and for all.

And when at last he found the source of the room's power, he knew it was his duty, his obligation, to put an end to this horrible place and to everything it stood for.

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