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Adventure is worthwhile in itself




Territories and constituent states

After my trip to Scotland


First-level administrative divisions

Cornwall, somewhere. England
The view of a beach on top Blackpool Tower. Credit to my lovely dad for this photo! England
A plushie souvenir from Devon, England

Second-level administrative divisions

Third-level administrative divisions

Metropolises or bigger


Pretoria, South Africa

Smaller cities and Boroughs

Bath Abbey, in, you guessed it, Bath! England
Land of the Dutch Netherlands



Shere, a village in Surrey, England


Unteriberg, Switzerland. One of my favourite photos this. Switzerland

Hamlets and Bands

Homesteads and Isolated dwellings

Plushies collection

I try to collect a plush toy from every country I visit, a great, comforting, fluffy and friendly souvenir.

Plushies I picked up from countries and territories I visited

  • Cornwall, UK: Snowflake
  • Krugar National Park, South Africa: Zoey
  • Canary Islands, Spain: Pedro and Arthur
  • Devon: Dustin
  • United Kingdom London Museum: Braeburn
  • Chirp
  • Winter Wonderland: Caitlin
  • South Africa: Barry bear Binson
  • Lappa Valley: Jones A.J.
  • Netherlands: Levi
  • castlezk: Arthur II
  • Sea place: Judy
  • Sherwood Forest: Krustóf Farkas
  • Sherwood Forest(?): Hunter Foxx
  • Legoland: Steve "Tom“ Timothy
  • British Museum: Robin Fister

Plushies I own from countries and territories I have not visited

  • Sweden: Gustav
  • China: Mae Ching




Cute! England
Me riding a scooter at the Swiss Museum of Transport for some reason Switzerland

New Eiffel

Theme/amusement parks

Parks, zoos, aquariums and natural locations

Bodies of water

Sunset by the River Ant England


  • Flag of England.png Bath Abbey (8 September 2019)
  • Flag of England.png Christ Church, Esher
  • Flag of England.png Christ Church, New Malden
  • Flag of England.png Dundonald Church, Wimbledon


Education centres

New Eiffel


I am a bit of a celebrity myself *smug face* England



Train stations and airports

Image gallery