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Government, monarchy, politics and honours

Joost I
Prince since 2020
Leon Montan
Prime Minister since 2020
Clockwise: New Eiffel School, a privately-owned shed, New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border, a tree, a birdhouse in New Eiffel Gardens

Government of New Eiffel
Politics of New Eiffel

Foreign relations

Geography and architecture

National symbols

Culture, media and the arts

A screenshot of the sheet music for Aardvarks on Parade

Culture of New Eiffel
Media of New Eiffel
National symbols of New Eiffel

The Dutch Muffin (North New Eiffelic: ikktopenlønden-mufin), a popular New Eiffelic Corrupted Recipe of the Dutch Baby Pancake, known for its eggy and sweet flavour and aroma.

Transportation and industry

Military and defence

People and identity