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First Decree of William I, King of Gradonia

Government of Zenrax

Province - Duke March - Marquis County - Count Barony - Baron

Or an Austenasian Star proper, on a bordure Purpure seven eagles Or

Austin - Azure two bars Argent, in chief three mullets of five of the second

Washington - Argent, between two chevrons Sable three cross-crosslets of the second

File:Arms of John Wrythe.svg

QVOD PINXI QVOD OPVS Argent, a cross Sanguine between four lions rampant regardant Sable, armed and langued Gules, on a chief Azure a ducal crown Or; for a Crest, a lion Gules armed and langued Sable holding a cross fitchy-fleuretty Vert in the paw Sinister; for Supporters, two eagles rampant Argent armed and langued Gules atop a knoll; Motto: QUID OPUS EST TIBI PINGE.

  • Cedarburg - Party per pale Or a cedar eradicated proper, and Vert a castle triple towered Or, masoned Sable, windows, port, and turret-caps Vert.
    • Ebersburg - Vert a column Or charged with a martlet Gules
    • Fürth - Argent a tefoil Vert
  • Cookan - Or a lion rampant regardant Gules, on a chief Gules a pair of keys saltirewise Argent.
    • Passau - Argent a lion rampant Gules
    • Dillingen - Gules a bend Argent between two keys bendwise of the same
  • Edderton - Quarterly, I & IV Azure a fess Gules, II & III Gules on a bend voided Argent four cross-crosslets fitchy of the same.
    • Eichstätt - Gules five oak leaves Argent in saltire
    • Forchheim - Azure four cross crosslets Or in pall
  • Haynio - Gules a Cross Patonce within a Bordure Argent.
    • Haßfurt - Gules on a bordure Argent six crosses patonce of the first
    • Fürstenfeld - Argent a fess doubly cottised gules
  • New Hesse - Vert, a Lion rampant sinister double-queued Barry of ten Argent and Gules and ducaly crowned Or, within a bordure Or.
    • Gerau - Per fess Vert and Or, in chief a semi-Lion rampant sinister double-queued Barry of four Gules and Argent ducaly crowned Or
    • Amberg - Per fess Vert and Argent, in chief a semi-Lion rampant sinister double-queued Barry of four Gules and Argent ducaly crowned Or, in base a bordure Azure
  • Willvian - Quarterly, I & IV Or an eagle Azure crowned royal Gules, II & III barry-bendy Azure and Argent
    • Aichach - Argent a trefoil Vert fructed with three acorns proper
    • Coburg - Per pale Argent and Azure a cross patee counterchanged

Per Pale, I: Quarterly I & IV Gules, on a Bend voided Argent, four Cross-crosslets fitchy of the same, II & III Fusilly in bend azure and Argent; II: impaled with a shield per chevron Azure and Argent, a chevron Sable, base a pale Sable

Quarterly, I Azure a Swan Argent rising armed and unguled Gules gorged with the coronet of a Montescanesque Count; II quarterly, I Azure, upon a knoll Proper a Church Argent, port Cermee, capped Gules, II Gules eleven Plates four and three and four, III Argent a Peacock Proper, IV Sable between six Bezants a Horn Or, over all an escutcheon Barry of seven Argent and Sable; III quarterly, I Argent two Lion Gules passant regardant, II Gules upon a knoll Or a Castle triple-towered Argent, III Or a Wyvern Sable, armed and langued Gules, IV Argent six Flowers Gules, over all an escutcheon Azure a Serpent Vert crowned Or in its mouth an apple Gules stemmed Or, a bordure ermine ; IV per pale Or a Grapevine Proper, Azure a Greek Cross Argent, base Argent, three lions passant in pale Azure armed and langued Or accompanied by nine hearts Gules; ; enté en point Gules a double-headed Eagle Or