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My Userboxes
Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg This user is a founder and citizen of the United States of Akkerman.
Flag of Verd'land.svg This user states that he is Verd'landian.
Flag of Germany.png This user is of German and Romanian ancestory. Flag of Romania.png
Flag of Ukraine.png This user is unfortunately a citizen of Nazi Germany Ukraine.
Flag of Sweden.png This user likes Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Albania and Moldova. Flag of Norway.png Flag of Albania.png
Flag of Ireland.png Flag of Moldova.png
ru-N This user is a native speaker of Russian.
This user is an intermediate-level English speaker.
(But he forgot a half of grammar rules, so frequently makes ridiculous mistakes.)
vl-1 Ɩuzer fie avetgarẽsk spunẽcɩ in Vẽrdɩlandiɩ.
ro-0 Acest utilizator dorește să știe limba română.
Other info
Flag of Russia.png This user is in stage of ideological war with some Russian-speaking micronationalists.
Medium time trial.png This user is a micronationalist for 2 years, 5 months, 23 days.
2001 This user was born in 2001.
About Talk Sandbox

Hello, Salut, Ahoj and Sviɩtarɩ! I am real person (OH RLY) naming Vladislav (or Garsilig), but created this account as official editing userpage of my country (already defunct).

I want to apologize for your changelogs flooding, as i can make hundreds of tiny edits.

And yes - i look like attention whore. But it's not true actually.

Why i'm here?

Well. You can notice i really don't give a **** about my "motherland" Ukraine. But this was not always. There were time when i was nice patriot loving his country, proudly singing anthem of Ukraine and faithful for blue and yellow flag - but only before 2014, when "Euromaidan" suddenly happened. And Ukraine in my heart was burned in flame of those huge flames. A long time i was at opposite side of the barricades, together with Russians. How could i join that bastards? Well, then i was at Ukrainian side again... Finally i got acknowledged about micronationalism and thought - "I have my own fictional nation... so, it's a time to make it real!" And everything have began!

Vladislavia is created not only for me. Roughly say, it is nation for all who like medieval and celtic music. But of course: to become the honorable citizen, you also must be liberal (to not provoke anyone), secular and creative person, interested in micronation's originality and fate. Country can't accept those who get micronational citizenships just for fun, has radical beliefs or want to propagandize outer religion/ideologies.

Why i'm not "there"?

It's ***** to be Scottish! We're the lowest of the low, the scum of the ****ing Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash! That was ever **** into civilisation!

Some people hate English, i don't. They're just ****ers. We, on the other hand, are colonized by ****ers! Can't even find a decent culture to be colonized by!

— Danny Boyle

Ukrainians are Slavs, and despite i find "Life of Boris" quite enjoyable, i really despise the eastern branch of this ethnos, and i'm really ashamed to be a factual[1] part of it. The same they can state about. And the reason is homasekshual in my ideology: cosmopolitanism, liberalism and agnosticism. The first one wipes the European borders in my head. Second one is not an actual liberalism, but just "hate those who hate" opinion. Third one... yes, you get it. We can't know, is/are there any Creator(s), and how he/she/it/they look(s) like. I believe in my owns, for example. And that makes me "national enemy" for most part of slavness - religious, nationalistic, chauvinistic and {{{insertobjectnamehere}}}-phobic community.

Russian "patriots" call those people "gayropeans". So, proud to be "gayropean"! *waves the EU flag*


"You don't want to suck penises respect our leaders thinking you are too cool - so **** yourself and learn to respect authorities!
And yes, you like EU, don't beat muzzles of faggots and hate Slav values. Oh, you are furry-fan?
So, you're faggot!
Miserable zoophilic faggot with no exception!
And your "nation" is a gay brothel!"

And we are cool experienced micronationalists!
What means «Your fake-nations are internet roleplays»?
But... but... This was in 2012, not now![2] You don't believe?
But... well, what a sense? Faggot are you anyway!

— Averaged opinion of Russian micronationalists about me and Vladislavia

My stuff




United States of Akkerman


Flag collection

I didn't know before that wiki engine is the best way to sort everything i have and everything i want to have.

Dimension Flags Amount
4:3 Flag of Romania (4-3).png Romania 1
7:5 Flag of Albania.png Albania 1
3:2 Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech RepublicFlag of Mozambique.png MozambiqueFlag of Romania.png RomaniaFlag of Russia.png RussiaFlag of Turkey.png Turkey 5
8:5 Flag of Sweden.png Sweden 1
5:3 Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czech RepublicFlag of Hungary (5-3).png HungaryGay flag (5-3).png LGBTRough flag of the Netherlands (5-3).png NetherlandsRough flag of Serbia (5-3).png Serbia 5
2:1 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and HerzegovinaFlag of the FPRV.png FPRVFlag of Lithuania.png LithuaniaOld flag of Malgart of Vladislavia.png Malgart of VladislaviaFlag of the Soviet Union.png Soviet Union30px United LandsFlag of Vladislavia (2016-2017).svg Vladislavia 7
Total amount 20

  — flags which have damage, disadvantages or critical design obsolescence and require to be replaced.

  — chosen flags.



  • Flag of Lotamism.png Lotamism
  • Flag of Verd'land.svg Verd'land (ordered)


  • Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg United States of Akkerman


  • Flag of Canada.png Canada
  • Flag of Estonia (5-3).png Estonia
  • Flag of Switzerland.png Switzerland
  • 30px Thailand


  • Flag of Antifa.png Antifa
  • Flag of the EU.png European Union
  • Flag of the United Nations.png United Nations


  • Jolly Roger (8-5).png Jolly Roger


  1. As not everybody recognizes custom nationalities.
  2. It's a lie. There aren't positive changes in their community. They only got totalitaristic admins who ban nations and people they don't like. Their own states are staying to be the half-real RP entities with ridiculous names.