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Welcome to my user page!

Hello! My name is Thomas Richard Larson Jr.. I have citizenships in Aarbaro, Abelden, Imvrassia, and the Aerican Empire, but only hold positions in Aarbaro, Imvrassia, and Abelden.

Below, you can see userboxes regarding my citizenships and positions.


 This user is a citzen of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro.
 This user is a citizen of the Empire of Abeldane.
 This user is a royal citizen and diplomat in the Kingdom of Imvrassia.
 This user is the founder and former President of the Republic of Larsonia.
 This user is a citizen of the Aerican Empire.
 This user identifies as an Italian-Larsonian.
 This user is a former citizen of the defunct Third Kingdom of Custosia.
 This user is an honorary subject of Austenasia.
 This user is an Italophile, a person who heavily admires and loves Italy and the Italian civilization as a whole.
 This user loves pasta.
31This user's micronation has a population of 31.
PRINCEThis user is a Prince.
ITQuesto utente puo parlare Italiano
ALT-HISThis user extremely likes alternate history.