Welcome to my user page!

Hello! My name is Thomas Richard Larson Jr.. I have citizenships in Aarbaro, Abelden, Imvrassia, and the Aerican Empire, but only hold positions in Aarbaro, Imvrassia, and Abelden.

Other things of interest

User_talk:ThomasLarson - My talk page

User:ThomasLarson/Sandboxes - My sandboxes


Below, you can see userboxes regarding my citizenships and positions.

  This user is a citzen of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro.
  This user is a citizen of the Abeldane Empire.
  This user is a royal citizen and diplomat in the Kingdom of Imvrassia.
  This user is the founder and former President of the Republic of Larsonia.
  This user is a citizen of the Aerican Empire.
  This user identifies as an Italian-Larsonian.
  This user is a former citizen of the defunct Third Kingdom of Custosia.
  This user is an honorary subject of Austenasia.
  This user is an Italophile, a person who heavily admires and loves Italy and the Italian civilization as a whole.
  This user loves pasta.
31 This user's micronation has a population of 31.
PRINCE This user is a Prince.
IT Questo utente puo parlare Italiano
ALT-HIS This user extremely likes alternate history.
  This user is a fan of the fictional English detective, Sherlock Holmes.