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The Krikkian Empire

Joined 7 May 2019

The Krikkian Empire is a micronation located inside the United States occupying a house and pool in a neighborhood in the outskirts of Chattanooga, TN. The nation was originally formed as the simple Krikkinika on Fictional Countries Amino with a fictional population of 24 million people and an army of 1.52 million.

The micronation has what it considers an unofficial army of over 1,500 toy soldiers, as well as several planes and helicopters, and four tanks. Meaning that in terms of micronational manpower, this micronation has the largest amount of “soldiers” in the micronational world.

It is officially ruled over by a 21-year-old American who calls himself Emperor Ykior Svalgechiko, in order to protect his true identity.

Officially the micronation has no established population, save for the Emperor’s dog, Biscuit, whom he also has appointed as his best friend, and Chief Doggo.

The flag is a bicolor design of red and green, not necessarily in that order, overlapped by a shield with a blue border and black background whilst an orange double headed eagle with a wreath of olives inside the shield itself. Additionally, the Empire has its own unique language known as Krikkian, said to heavily focus of the letter K and the suffix –kkorr, and it even has its own mythology which is greatly been fleshed out.

On July 3, 2019, the micronation went through an online civil war, in which on Fake Countries Amino, the Imperialist government, KTI (a totalitarian group), and the Federalist Coalition of Krikkinika fought for control of the nation. On July 18, the civil war ended after 15 real days, in comparison with the nearly two years in Fake Countries Amino it lasted for. Whilst no casualties occurred in reality, in the Amino there were over 5.5 million deaths.