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{{Infobox nation
|name              = The Micronation of The Buckeye Republic
|image1            =  Flag, [[File:Flag of the Buckeye Republic.jpeg|50px]]
|image2            =  Seal, [[File:Seal of the Buckeye Republic.jpeg|50px]]
|motto              =  The Future
|anthem            =  March On https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0COW9Q8oxk
|location          =  Franklin County, Ohio 
|capital            =  Buck-tropilas
|largest_city      =  Buck-tropilas
|languages          =  English
|religions          =  Methodist Christians
|demonym            =  Buckish
|government        =  Conservative Nationalist Republic
|Vise President    =  Vise President Athen
|President          =  President Nathen
|seats              =  4
|election          =  September 1
|established        =  January 28
|area              =  3,526.33m2
|population        =  7
|currency          =  Buckloens/US Dollar
|time_zone          =  EST
|nat_sport          =  American Football
|nat_dish          =  Grill Cheese
|nat_drink          =  Mtn Dew
|nat_animal        =  Fingillidea
|YouTube_Channal    =  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC105V23tp-oWNd_4BDNu6uA
'''The Micronation of The Buckeye Republic''', more commonly known as '''The Buckeye Republic''', is a micronation in Ohio Region. This Nation Started As a Monarchy, then With a Civil War, Became a Republic. they lost territory to a revolt but expanded until today.
== Etymology ==
'''The Buckeye Republic''' got its name form the Buckeye Nut that grows in Ohio Its a symbol of the Nation.
== History ==
Map of '''The Buckeye Republic'''
'''The Buckeye Imperium''' Was a Small Empire at first, but with '''The Grand Council''', they expanded, they didn't pay the people, The Council is on fire, so Senate Nathen Declared '''The Micronation of The Buckeye Republic'''. Many didn't want this, seeing a republic will destroy the Country, A 2 Month Civil War ensued, '''The Buckeye Civil War'''. After the Civil War, The Nationalist Won (Senate Nathen). He got rid of the Council, Made the Country a Conservative Nationalist Republic, and made '''The Buckeye Border Patrol'''. 2 months later, a revolt happends, they lost in a matter of days, but got there independence. He expanded the nations territory and stop, today, its a peaceful nation.
== Politics and government ==
A '''Conservative Nationalist Republic''' is a Conservative Republic but with Nationalistic Ideas, sometimes the President owns Everything, but, 99% of the time it has a Vise President and Senate.
== Law and Order ==
We have a Buckeye Law and Order Court, Buckeye National Police, and Buckeye Border Patrol.
== Foreign relations ==
We get along with almost every Micronation. Our closest Ally would have to be '''The United Provinces of Natlin''' https://micronations.wiki/wiki/United_Provinces_of_Natlin
== Military ==
We have listed our branches of the '''Buckish Armed Forces'''
Army:    2        1 BB Gun Rifle and Sword
Navy:    None              None
Air:      1            Helicopter Drone

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