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The object of the game is simple: using the text given to you in a constructed language or invented script, and your own decoding skills, figure out which of the 3 given sentence pairs are depicted.

  • You may invent grammar, word positioning, alphabets, pictograms, punctuation, however you want, as well as other writing elements you can think of that aren't mentioned.
  • If the language uses more than 50 letters, pictograms, or glyphs, you must provide a complete alphabet (or complete set of pictograms or glyphs).
  • If the language uses non-English words, including invented words, you must provide a lexicon (dictionary) that lists and defines at least every word in the language needed to express all six sentences. This lexicon may be romanized even if the written language is not.

Text 1


Vocabulary is English. No lexicon needed.


Pair 1

  • Paris is in the opposite direction.
  • Northwest is my favorite direction.

Pair 2

  • Your red bench is 2 meters long.
  • I want 20 feet of red fabric.

Pair 3

  • My glass is half empty.
  • Nearly half of the world's population is male.