Sheltered Coast

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The Republic of the Sheltered Coast, also known as the Sheltered Coast, is a nation located in Eastern Massachusetts. It was established on Nov 17, 2019 by president Blake Marshall.

        The government system is a republic. For now, the president has all of the power he can possibly have but the idea is that over time, a system of checks and balances will be added and citizens will become statesmen. Blake Marshall won the first ever Coastian election on November 17, 2019. He's about halfway through his first term. Presidents are elected by the people. Presidents can serve unlimited terms until they die. A Coastian presidential term lasts 2 years. In the case that no one else declares that they are running for president, the president stays in office by default. Parties are allowed to form freely with the exception of a nazi and or national socialist party. 
                  The Republic of the Sheltered Coast is open to expanding its foreign relations. They are official allies with the Coleman Empire and are a member state of the Coleman Treaty Organization. They are very friendly to other micro nationalists and take a hard anti-micronational war stance.They also have diplomatic relations with the Eastern Entente, The Earth's Kingdom and Switzburg.