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Greetings, all, and welcome to my page! I am Salute, which is a nickname I have had since 2016. I first got into Micronationalism in 2012, when my brother told me about his micronation, the Principality of Riloia. I founded my first micronation in September 2012. I edit on MicroWiki and Wikipedia. You will see me mainly editing about Kapreburg, as it is my micronation.


I'm sorry in advanced for how messed up the userboxes are

Places I've visited

Countries I've lived in or traveled to: Flag of the United States.png
US States/Territories I've lived in/traveled to: Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Wisconsin.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of Missouri.svg Flag of Iowa.svg
Micronations I've lived in/traveled to: Flag of Kapreburg.svg
Cities I particularly love: Flag of Chicago.svgFlag of Midlothian, Illinois.svgFlag of St Louis.svg Iowa City (No Flag)

My Userboxes

About Me

JacksonI-November2019Portrait.png This User is Tsar of Kapreburg
Republican logo.png This User is a Conservative and Republican
Slavic Swastika.png This User is of slavic descent
Kapreburg Rubika.jpg This User thinks Rubik's cubes are pretty cool
This User also is obsessed with interrobangs
0.02% This user has made 1,258 edits out of the total 531,067 edits on MicroWiki.
Google Chrome logo.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.
Safari logo.png This user contributes using Safari.
LudwigVanBeethoven.jpg This user loves making and listening to music.

MWlogo.png This user has been on MicroWiki for 2 years, 2 months and 29 days.
Flag of England.png This User is fluent in English
Flag of France.png This User is learning French

My editing setup

My editing setup at home is just my pc, I usually have multiple tabs open at once for reference from other pages of what to add to the one I’m editing. I also edit at school (shh!) when I don’t feel like doing my work.

My teacher thinks I’m writing about bikes right now. Little do they know I’m writing about JACK ALLAHBAR!

Other Hobbies

Besides Micronationalism, I have lots of other hobbies! Like,


Cubing, (also known as speedsolving, speedcubing) is the act of trying to solve a Rubik's Cube as fast as possible! I have gone to multiple competitons, and my best time in competition is 24.38 seconds. My best time at home is 16.66 seconds.

Me solving a Rubik's Cube for a competition.


Another hobby of mine is music! In 5th grade I decided to join my school band as a percussionist. In 6th grade, I started composing my own music, and in 7th grade I joined my school's Jazz Band.

Me playing the snare drum for school band.


I also love biking/cycling! I'll admit, I couldn't a bike until I was 12... but I love it now that I can do it! Me and my friends like to bike all around to different towns during the summer, the farthest I've gone from my own home on a bike was about 4.15 miles! I plan to one day bike across the United States when I am older.

Me and my bike (Declan, I named him Declan) in Naperville, Illinois.


Another thing I love is geneaology, which is pretty much like family history. It all started in summer of 2018 when me and my parents got Ancestry DNA tests. Ever since I have been working on my family tree and finding new relatives I never knew about. So far I have around 1000 people in my family tree on Ancestry! Incase you are interested, I put my DNA results below.

  • Ireland & Scotland | 29%
  • Germanic Europe | 23%
  • Eastern Europe & Russia | 19%
  • Sweden | 18%
  • England, Wales & Northwestern Europe | 4%
  • European Jewish | 3%
  • France | 2%
  • Norway | 2%
My Family Tree! (Names blurred for privacy)