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Kingdom of Catalytique

Current Leader: Queen Sabeeha

Reign: October 25th, 2016-current

National Mascot: La Catalytique

Official Language: Chatanese

KINGDOM OF SHOREWELL AND KING BILAL I ARE BAD :P He made up a fake micronation and fake stuffs and stuffs and he is a meanie!

''''''Kingdom of Catalytique is a perfect place to stay and be a citizen. Every citizen so far has enjoyed it here. You get room service and the room service people get room service too. We are in charge of the Department of Anamatic Le Chat Catalytique and the Department of Kingdomic Economy.''''''

GENERAL: Organizational Membership: Organisations: Union Against Micronational War • Micronational Conlag Union • International Agricultural Development Pact • Micronational Economic Group • Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement • Intermicronational Military and Warfare Council • Grand Unified Micronational.