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Joined 11 July 2018

About Me

Hello! My name is Roman W.(User:Rtconqueror) and I am the current King of Ebneria. I began creating micronations in 2015 and officially learned of them in 2017 through a Wikipedia article about the Principality of Sealand. I joined the microwiki community in 2018 and the official discord server in 2020. I struggled at first to learn how to use the wiki and its numerous pages, templates and functions; funnily enough, it took only a few moments of browsing through the forums to understand that my attempt at copying and pasting the entire nation page guide directly into the edit box was in fact futile, and that I simply needed to copy and paste a specific template and fill in the necessary fields. Struggles aside, I have begun to edit articles in my free time using my newly acquired skills. My favorites are those in the Category:Poor, as they are oftentimes quite terribly written, yet there is a certain satisfaction in restoring them to proper article status.

Created Articles

I have provided a list of articles I have created. These detail micronations which I have been involved in: