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Sabioveronese general election, 2019

Flag of Sabia and Verona.png
2018 ←
On or before 28 May 2019
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All 23 seats of the Parliament
12 seats needed for a majority
  ABlackhorse.jpg ApolloCerwyn.jpg
Leader Andrew Blackhorse Apollo Cerwyn
Party Liberal Democrat
Leader since 7 October 2018 10 May 2016
Leader's seat Alios Gonn
Last election 10 seats, 43.14% 11 seats; 47.05%
Seats needed 1

Incumbent Prime Minister

Andrew Blackhorse

A general election is due to be held in Sabia and Verona after either the dissolution or expiry of the current legislature, on or before 28 May 2019, to elect all members of the atanói, the national parliament.