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33 This user's Micronation has a population of 33

Uiopp.png This user is a citizen of the
Usian Republic

000000000000000.jpg This user is the head of government and of state of Usi

EN/DE This user is bilingual

secular This user supports the separation of religion and state.
IULP This user is the leader of the liberal faction of the Independent Usian Leftists' Party and vice leader of the Confederal Progress Party.
This user has been
meaning to join the
Procrastinators' Club
for several years.
GNAT This user absolutely detests small flies that attempt to enter ears.
BOX Oh no: this user has way too many userboxes.
LIFE This user has no life since he's always on MicroWiki.
' This user would be pleased to laugh at review your steaming pile nice article.
' "So many userboxes, so little space."

User:RepubicOfUSI or RepublicOfUSI is the MicroWiki username for the micronationalist Gabriel N. Pelger. The Usian Republic is open for diplomatic relations with most micronations. However, foreign relations will not be established with conworlding micronations, and no formal ones upheld with simulationist micronations. Usi is secessionist.
Find out more about Pelger here.
Contact Pelger (publicly) here.

Why "RepubicOfUSI"?

As many who noticed this have undoubtedly guessed, the username is an unfortunate typo.