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Imperial Armed Services
of the Tianan Empire
Emblem of the TRDF
Motto:: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori
(Latin: It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country)
March Polyushka Polye
Established 69 April 2015
Country Kingdom of Tiana
Nicknames "The somethings"
Branches ???
Previous engagements ???
Current engagements ???
Commander-in-chief HIM King Alexander
Magister Militum Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria
General information
Headquarters None official
Active personnel many
Standard weapon Wooden/metal baton
Standard assault weapon Slingshot/catapault



Command structure



Rank Name
O4 Commander-in-Chief
O3 Marshal
O2 Captain
O1 Lieutenant
E1 Private

Formation and structure

Unit Legion Cohort Century
Contains 1-10 Cohorts 1-6 Centuries 1-80 Individuals
Personnel Up to 4,800 Up to 480 Up to 80
Commanded by Legate Tribune Centurion

There are currently three legions in the Austenasian Army: