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PM of Baustralia
— Prime Minister  —
NameThe Right Honourable Admiral Doctor Sir John Timpson KG GBE CKB OW DVex ADC(P)
  • July 19, 2003 (2003-07-19) (age 17)
  • Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Country Baustralia
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Military career
Allegiance Baustralia
Service/branch His Royal Navy
Years of service 2 July 2017 - present
RankBaustralia HRN OF-9 (infobox, adc-p).svg Admiral
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John Timpson
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Welcome to the user page of the current Baustralian Prime Minister. The current prime minister is The Rt Hon Adm Dr Sir John Timpson KG GBE CKB OW DVex ADC(P).

About John Timpson

The Right Honourable Admiral Doctor John Stewart Timpson GBE KG CKB OW DVex ADC(P) (born 19 June 2003) is a Baustralian politician serving as the 1st and current Prime Minister of the Baustralia since 2017, the 1st and current leader of the conservative party appointed in 2017, and elected in 2018. He is the first and current Commander of the Baustralian Fleet.

He helped found the idea of Baustralia by creating the story of an island nation with naval prowess [see Baustralia§Etymology] which was told to John I, who took this story as a basis for the kingdom.

After John had put forth the Act to modify the Succession Line of Baustralia, he became Heir Presumptive to the Crown of Baustralia, Tentacion, and Wangatangia.

List of Baustralian Prime Ministers

# Minister Portrait Reign Notes
I John Timpson 2 July 2017 —

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