Alexander Pepper
Alexandre Poivre
Alexander I
Alexandre Ier
Emperor of France

Emperor of France (honorary)
Honorary May 18, 2016 - present
Predecessor Myself
Empresses Nico Robin
Boa Hancock
Colette Tatou
Full name
Alexandre Tommy Poivre
Father Thierry Poivre
Mother Nathalie Duprieu
Born February 16, 1999
Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, France
Occupation RP player, OC creator, fictional countries creator
Religion Roman Catholicism
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My name is Alexandre Poivre also called in English as Alexander Pepper, I'm born in February 16, 1999, at Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, France and I'm the current honorary Emperor of France which I love my native country as an Empire, much like the Bonaparte who ruled the First and Second French Empires. I'm not really a Monarchist politician, just a Monarchist dreamer. In my personal life I like watching funny and hilarious videos in Youtube and also like watching nice movies and cartoons.

Created Articles

Paradise Island

Amazon Lily


  • Fascism (fictional only)
  • Communism (fictional only)
  • France
  • First French Empire
  • Second French Empire
  • United States of America
  • Napoleon I
  • Napoleon III
  • One Piece
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Tarzan
  • DC Superheroes
  • Marvel Superheroes
  • Elizabeth II
  • German Empire
  • Austrian Empire
  • California
  • British Empire
  • Roman Empire
  • Japan
  • Cartoons
  • Movies
  • China
  • Emperor Meiji
  • Emperor Taisho
  • Christianity


  • Communism (real-life only)
  • Fascism (real-life only)
  • Racism
  • Nazism
  • Antisemitism
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Mao Zedong
  • Benito Mussolini
  • Women been raped
  • Unequality
  • Vichy France
  • Philippe Pétain

Titles, styles, honours and arms

Titles and styles

  • May 18, 2016 - present: His Imperial Majesty The Honorary Emperor of France

Full title

English: His Imperial and Catholic Majesty Alexander I, By the Grace of God and the Will of the People, Emperor of France.

French: Sa Majesté Impériale et Catholique Alexandre Ier, Par la Grâce de Dieu et la Volonté du Peuple, Empereur de France.


Coat of Arms as Emperor of France
Emperor Alexander I of France
Poivre Family
Honorary titles
Preceded by
Emperor of France
May 18, 2016 - present
New title Marshal of the Empire
May 18, 2016 - present