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Charles dei gratia fidelissimus in Christo imperator a Deo coronatus Romanorum moderator et semper augustus

Second Latin Empire
Latinium Imperium
Flag of Latinium
Motto: "Surge ex Regnum"
"Rise of the Kingdom" (eng)
Anthem: La Réjouissance
National Song: The Last Stand
CapitalGovernment House (provisional)
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, Latin
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Imperator
• Despot
position vacant
LegislatureCourt of Nobility
Feudal semi-independent kingdom
• Sack of Constantinople
• Disestablished
• Revival
16 April 2020
• 2020 estimate
CurrencyLatinian Stavraton, USD (de facto) (USD)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Patron saintSaint Raphael

Latinium, officially the Kingdom of Latinium (Latinium Regnum in Latin) is a micronation loosely based around (and which claims to be the spiritual continuation of) the history and culture of the Latin Empire which existed in Europe during the 13th century. The kingdom was created by veteran micronationalist, Charles Ross in early 2020 following the dissolution of his previous state; the Phoklandian Free State that he had helped to found and run since 2007.

As a nation, Latinium operates as an absolute monarchy based under the principals of divine right. As such, within the context of the country the King/Queen has virtually unchecked power; limited only by international law and the macronation that surrounds Latinium. The government of Latinium currently functions as a government in exile seeing that all territory which had previously belonged to Phokland now belongs to Bregusland (Austenasia) and the Grand Navārdian Commonwealth.



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