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| align=center colspan=2 | '''Orange-Britannia'''<br><small>'''''State of Orange-Britannia'''''<small/>
| align=center colspan=2 | '''Orange Britannia'''<br><small>'''''State of Orange Britannia'''''<small/>
| style=background:#efefef; align=center colspan=2 |
| style=background:#efefef; align=center colspan=2 |

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Orange Britannia
State of Orange Britannia
Flag of Orange Britania.png Kleinburg ARMS temp.png
Flag Coat of Arms
"We stand forever, where others fell"
National anthem Loch Lomond
Official language English
Capital Darvin
Executive Charles Ross
Premier position vacant
Currency USD
 - Declared

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People's Alliance (shortly PA, in Slovak Ľudová aliancia, in Baranese Človekovská alyantzjia) is a liberal political party in Baránok established on 13 July 2020 by the incumbent President A.H.[1] It is the direct sucessor of the former party of the same name.

People's Alliance
Ľudová aliancia
FoundedNovember 2019, re-established 13 July 2020
HeadquartersGyögiszertár, Baránok
Membership  (2020)1
Political positionpolitical middle
Official colors     green
Seats in Federal Assembly
0 / 7
Self-governing republics
0 / 4
0 / 2
Regional legislatures
0 / 2
  1. Kvajda, Imrich. "People's Alliance re-established". Baranese Telegraph. Retrieved 13 July 2020.