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Charles dei gratia fidelissimus in Christo imperator a Deo coronatus Romanorum moderator et semper augustus
{{Infobox country/RIS
|common_name =        Latinium
|name =                Second Latin Empire<br><small>''Latinium Imperium''<small/>
|image_flag =          Latinium Flag.png
|alt_flag =           
|image_coat =         
|alt_coat =           
|symbol_type =        Imperial Arms
|national_motto =      "Surge ex Regnum"<br>"''Rise of the Kingdom''" (eng)
|national_anthem =    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdDpj92nsPY La Réjouissance]<br>'''National Song:''' [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRhg2zvalXc The Last Stand]
|image_map =         
|map_width =          200px
|alt_map =           
|map_caption =       
|capital =            [[Bregusland|Government House]] ''(provisional)''
|largest_city =       
|official_languages =  English, Spanish, Latin
|national_languages = 
|regional_languages = 
|religion =           
|religion_year =     
|demonym =            New-Latin,<br>Latinian
|government_type =    [[Monarchy|Absolute monarchy]]
|leader_title1 =      '''[[Emperor|Imperator]]'''
|leader_name1 =        [[w:Pope Francis|Francis]]
|leader_title2 =      '''[[w:Despot (court title)|Despot]]'''
|leader_name2 =        ''position vacant''
|leader_title3 =     
|leader_name3 =       
|legislature =        [[w:Parliament|Court of Nobility]]
|upper_house =       
|lower_house =       
|sovereignty_type =    Feudal semi-independent kingdom
|established_event1 =  Sack of Constantinople
|established_date1 =  1204
|established_event2 =  Disestablished
|established_date2 =  1261
|established_event3 =  Revival
|established_date3 =  16 April 2020
|area_km2 =           
|percent_water =     
|population_estimate = 2
|population_estimate_year = 2020
|GDP_nominal =
|GDP_nominal_year =   
|GDP_nominal_per_capita =
|MPI =               
|currency =            [[w:Byzantine coinage|Latinian Stavraton]], [[w:United States dollar|USD]] (''de facto'')
|currency_code =      USD
|time_zone =         
|utc_offset =         
|time_zone_DST =     
|utc_offset_DST =     
|date_format =        dd-mm-yyyy
|drives_on =         
|cctld =             
|ris002code =          omit
|calling_code =       
|patron_saint =        Saint Raphael
'''Latinium''', officially the '''Kingdom of Latinium''' ('''''Latinium Regnum''''' in Latin) is a [[micronation]] loosely based around (and which claims to be the spiritual continuation of) the history and culture of the [[w:Latin Empire|Latin Empire]] which existed in [[w:Europe|Europe]] during the 13th century. The kingdom was created by veteran [[micronationalist]], [[Charles Ross]] in early 2020 following the dissolution of his previous state; the [[Phoklandian Free State]] that he had helped to found and run since 2007.
As a nation, Latinium operates as an [[w:Absolute monarchy|absolute monarchy]] based under the principals of [[w:Divine right|divine right]]. As such, within the context of the country the King/Queen has virtually unchecked power; limited only by international law and the [[w:United States|macronation]] that surrounds Latinium. The government of Latinium currently functions as a [[w:Government in exile|government in exile]] seeing that all territory which had previously belonged to Phokland now belongs to [[Bregusland]] ([[Austenasia]]) and the [[Grand Navārdian Commonwealth]].
== History ==
=== Foundation ===
== Government and politics ==
=== Foreign relations ===
=== Military ===
== Geography and culture ==
== See also ==
*[[Holy Roman Empire]]
*[[Phoklandian Free State]]
*[[Empire of Austenasia]]

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