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=== British colony ===
=== British colony ===
=== Governor ===
=== Commissioner ===
{{Infobox Political post
{{Infobox Political post
| post                    = Commissioner of Dougherty Island
| post                    = Commissioner of Dougherty Island

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Dougherty Island Territory
Self-proclaimed British Crown Colony

State Flag
State Flag
Civil Ensign
Civil Ensign
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Pulchritudo lucis est in mari
(Latin: Beauty is a light in the sea)
God Save the Queen
Isle of Imagination (Unofficial)
Nimrod.1909 voyage.jpg
1909 map including the Dougherty Island Territory
Capital cityPort Edward
Official language(s)English
Short nameDougherty Island
DemonymDougherty Islander
Governmentde facto independent, self-governing colonial administration under de-jure British dominion
- MonarchElizabeth II (claimed)
- CommissionerPosition vacant
CurrencyDougherty Island Dollar


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Nimrod Voyage

Political restoration


British colony


Commissioner of Dougherty Island
Dougherty Standard.png
Commissioner's standard
Colonial Office
SeatGovernment House
AppointerMonarch of the United Kingdom
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's Pleasure
First holderPosition vacant

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