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Muh dreams


Slin's military forces currently only exist out of an ceremonial air force. The air force consists out of various UAVs all with their own name.

Photo Name Sort Origin In use
SAFMP01.jpg SAF-MP01 Ye Olde Discovery AirRaiders Discovery Drone Spain/China OPERATIONAL
SAFMP01.jpg SAF-MP02 De Mæplise Drone AirRaiders Discovery Drone Spain/China OPERATIONAL
SAFMP03.png SAF-MP03 Thorthotor AirRaiders Spy Drone Spain/China OPERATIONAL
SAFMP04.png SAF-MP04 Oxus AirRaiders Galaxy Drone Spain/China OPERATIONAL
60px SAF-MP05 Naar Glorie Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 GPS Edition France OPERATIONAL