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|regions = [[File:MahusetFlag.png|25px|border]] [[Mahuset]]
|<language> = Langonia le Mahusetoni
|founding_micronation = [[Mahuset]]
|speakers =
|official_status =
|language_family = [[w:Indo-European languages|Indo-European]]
*[[w:Germanic languages|Germanic]]
** [[w:West Germanic languages|West Germanic]]
*** [[w:Low Franconian languages|Low Franconian]]
**** Pika Mahusetoni
***** Mahusetoni-Radoni
****** Mahusetoni
******* Proto Mahusetan
******** Italic Mahusetan
********* Mahusetan
|type = [[Conlang]] based on Germanic and Romance languages
|regulated_by = Royal Society for the Mahusetoni-Radoni languages
The '''Mahusetan Language''' (Langonia le Mahusetoni) is a [[Conlang|constructed]] language, built and primarily spoken in [[Mahuset]]. It is characterized as an [[w:A posteriori|a posteriori language]] due to the fact that it has elements from Germanic languages, mostly from [[w:Dutch|Dutch]] and [[w:German|German]]. Other influences include [[w:Italian language|Italian]], [[w:Danish language|Danish]] and Radonic. It is currently regulated by the RSMRL, the Royal Society for the Mahusetoni-Radoni languages.

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