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{{Infobox nation
|name              = United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset, Slin and the Mahusetan Realm<br>{{Collapsible list
|framestyle =
|title = (In other official languages)
|titlestyle = text-align: center
|liststyle  = text-align: center
|1 = Regnomia Mahuset (Mahusetan)
|2 = Verenigd Koninkrijk Groter Mahuset, Slin en het Mahusetaanse Rijk (Dutch)
|3 = Ukynterra of Meshuso (Radonic)
|4 = Unyted Kyngdom of Greater Mahuset, Slin and the Mahusetan Realm (Slin-Englysh)
|image1            = [[File:MahusetFlag.jpg|150px]]
|image2            = [[File:GCOAMahuset.png|120px]]
|motto              = Mahusetoni Vetriana
|anthem            = Mahusetoni Vetriana
|capital            = Alkmaar
|largest_city      = Alkmaar
|languages          = [[w:English|English]], [[w:Dutch|Dutch]] and [[Mahusetan]]
|location          = [[File:Mahusetmap.png|300px]]
|religions          = Secular
|demonym            = Mahusetan
|government        = Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
|head of state      = King
|head of government = Slinnysh Kyng
|3rd_h              = Prime Minister
|hos_name          = Emilo I
|hog_name          = Kyng Fourth (Emilo I)
|3rd_h_name        = Matthies Kersbergen?
|legislature        = Triumphant Parliament
|type              = Unicameral
|established        = 29th of May, 2014
|population        = 33
|currency          = Mahusetan Vetriana-Gulda
|time_zone          = ([[w:Greenwich_Mean_Time|GMT]]+22m)
|nat_drink          = Dubbelfrisss
|nat_animal        = Domestic Cat
|domain            = .mah
|calling_code      = +343
|notes              =
|web                =
'''Mahuset''', officially the '''United Kingdom of Greater Mahuset, Slin and the Mahusetan Realm''' is a self-declared independent nation-state, commonly referred to as a [[micronation]] by external observers, with claims in Europe, Antarctica, and Asia. It is governed as a federation, with various systems in its numerous states. Mærtan Ihuset, Radon and Dutch Matsia together make up mainland Mahuset, in Northwestern Europe.
Mahuset is a federated state and a constitutional democratic monarchy with a king, [[Emiel Hardy|Emilo I]] and administered by a parliament known as the Triumphant Parliament. While the laws of the states are subordinate to federal law, the federal government does not have any regulations on the means for administering states and as such the states all have their own unique system of governance. It is regarded as a minor inter-micronational diplomatic power and a leading cultural and political power in Europe.
Mahuset, with a mixed market capitalist economy, ranks as having a high level of income equality. It is frequently ranked as a happy and lowly corrupt nation. The national language, [[Mahusetan]], is closely related to Italian, Dutch, Radonic, and English. Mahuset is the only surviving successor to the now defunct Mahusetan predecessors which are the Kingdom of Ihuset, the Kingdom of Matsia, the Kingdom of Radon and all Cookielandic and Kittylandic states.
Mahuset is a "Fifth World" micronation with a score of 10 under the [[Classification_of_micronations#The Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification|Boodlesmythe-Tallini System]], and scores 4.2 on the [[Classification_of_micronations#Linden's Revised System of Classification|Categoric-Gradial/Linden's (Revised) System]].
===Dutch City era (1254 - 2007)===
The earliest mention of the name Alkmaar is in a 10th-century document. As the village grew into a town, it was granted City rights in the Netherlands in 1254. The oldest part of Alkmaar lies on an ancient sand bank that afforded some protection from the sea during medieval times. Even so, it is only a couple of metres above the surrounding region, which consists of some of the oldest polders in existence.
In 1573 the city successfully withstood a siege by Spanish forces under the leadership of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba. It was a turning point in the Eighty Years War and gave rise to the expression ''Bij Alkmaar begint de victorie'' ("Victory begins at Alkmaar"). The event is still celebrated every year in Mahuset on October 8, the day the siege ended.
In 1799, during the French revolutionary war , an Anglo-Russian expeditionary force captured the city but was ultimately defeated in the Battle of Castricum. The French victory was commemorated on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.
The North Holland Canal, opened in 1824, was dug through Alkmaar. In 1865 and 1867 the railways between Alkmaar and Den Helder and between Alkmaar and Haarlem were built respectively.
In the second half of the 20th century, Alkmaar expanded quickly with development of new neighbourhoods. On October 1, 1972, the town of Oudorp and the southern portions of Koedijk and Sint Pancras were added to the municipality of Alkmaar.
===Pre Ihuset era (2007 - 2012)===
Mahuset began as a fictional nation in a fictional world in 2007. It was called: "Emiel's World" and was an Empire, Emiel was the emperor and was called "Cool Emiel". It was non-serious but there were plans to revive it in the Ihuset era. But, if it was never founded, Emiel never would have come in contact with politics. It had a dialect of Dutch called "Emilan" (not to be confused with the Maertan dialect), it had an alphabet.
===Ihuset and Early Mahuset era (May 2012 - November 2012)===
Ihuset was founded by Emiel to get the feeling of autonomy, it wasn't serious like Emiel's world and there were plans to revive Emiel's World, these plans were canceled. Mahuset was founded as a unity between Matsia and Ihuset, the original name was: "United Nations of Mahuset", it had quickly changed to: "Royal United Nations of Mahuset". It was inspired by [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Empire Ancient Rome] and [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County_of_Holland Holland]. Mahuset quickly gained diplomacy and a great significance within the MicroWikia community, Vetria had established Diplomatic Relations with Mahuset in this era.
===Modern Mahusetan era (November 2012 - Present)===
Mahuset had the first stable government in this era. It changed from "Royal United Nations of Mahuset" to "Kingdom of Mahuset", and from "Kingdom of Mahuset" to "Confederated Kingdom of Mahuset" and back to "Kingdom of Mahuset" which is the current stable government. At this time the Eniakist ideology was started and gained a great significance. When the Eniakisation of Mahuset started, Mahuset started to reach a higher HDI fairly quick. Due to the rapid expansion of Eniakism which had been deemed similar to the Rise of Communism, the Ashukov Federation banned Eniakism and with that Relations with Mahuset. The Triumphant Parliament had started in this era which marked the end of the pure Eniakist government and the start of the first semi-Eniakist government since May 2013.
Mahuset uses the Triumphant Parliament which was based on the Eniakist parliament, it is a semi-direct democracy as referendums shall be held under the people for the opinions about the national decisions.
| colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Mahusetan Triumphs'''
! Emilo I <br>(''King of Mahuset'')
! Nuri I <br>(''Prince of Radon'')
! Matthies Kersbergen <br>(''Prime Minister of Mahuset'')
! Kyng Fourth <br>(''Kyng of Slin'')
! Karl Friedrich <br>(''Kyng Second'')
! Solomon Fyrst <br>(''Kyng Fyrst'')
! Hayden Johnson
! Shady Morsi <br>(''President of Derskovia'')
| [[File:EmiloPhoto.jpg|150px]]
| [[File:NuriPhoto.jpg|85px]]
| [[File:MatthiesPhoto.jpg|75px]]
| [[File:EmiloPhoto.jpg|150px]]
| [[File:GCOAMahuset.png|100px]]
| [[File:GCOAMahuset.png|100px]]
| [[File:GCOAMahuset.png|100px]]
| [[File:GCOAMahuset.png|100px]]
===Political Parties===
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center;"
! Name
! Logo
! Founded
! Ideology
! Position
! Seats
! Leader
| [[File:MER.png|100px]]
| 2012
| Semi-Eniakism
| Centre right - Far right
| {{ParlSeats|3|10|hex=#0071ff}}
| Emilo I
| Social-liberal Party
| [[File:SLPMahuset.png|100px]]
| 2014
| Social-liberalism
| Left
| {{ParlSeats|3|10|hex=#0071ff}}
| Shady Morsi
| Independent
| None
| 2013
| Independent
| Various
| {{ParlSeats|4|10}}
| None
===Prime Minister===
! Name
! Term Length
! Notes
| [[File:MaertanIhuset.png|25px|border]] Emilo I ''(under his born name)''
| 29th of May, 2012 - 5th of June, 2012
| Mahuset was still Ihuset
| [[File:Matsia_Flag.png|25px|border]] Matthies Kersbergen
| 5th of June, 2012 - 12th of November, 2012
| Was kicked from the position for inactivity
| [[File:Radon_Flag.png|25px|border]] Nuri van Dijk
| 12th of November, 2012 - 11th of May, 2013
| Was kicked from the position because he didn't take his job seriously and for inactivity
| [[File:MaertanIhuset.png|25px|border]] Emilo I
| 11th of May, 2013 - 7th of May, 2014
| 2nd term
| [[File:Matsia_Flag.png|25px|border]] Matthies Kersbergen
| 7th of May, 2014 - Present
| 2nd term
==Foreign Relations==
Mahuset is a minor diplomatic power and has established foreign relations with various other micronations.
===Diplomatic Relations===
[[File:Vetriaflagdesign1.png|25px]] [[Vetria|Republic of Vetria]]
[[File:PrincipalityMonoviaflag.png|25px]] [[Monovia|Principality of Monovia]]
===Mutual Recognition===
[[File:Hasanistan (1).JPG|25px]] [[Hasanistan|Republic of Hasanistan]]
===Informal Relations/Friendship===
[[File:Molossia_flag.png|25px]] [[Molossia|Republic of Molossia]]
[[File:Flag of Sabovia.png|25px]] [[Sabovia|Principality of Sabovia]]
[[File:OxoceroLogo.png|thumb|right|Logo of Oxocero Holdings, which provides employment for many Mahusetans.]]
Mahuset has a mixed-market capitalist economy. Most, if not all, Mahuset are lower-middle class to upper-middle class. There is very little income inequality. Major private Ashukov businesses include Oxocero Holdings, PP Holdings, Post le Mahusetoni and MahusetoniTV.
The currency of Mahuset is the Vetriana-Gulda, which is regulated by the Mahusetan Central Bank. The MCB is under direct control of the Mahusetan Government.
===Largest Companies===
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:right;"
|- style="background:#efefef;"
! style="text-align:center;"| Rank|| style="text-align:center;"| Name|| style="text-align:center;"| Headquarters
| align="center" | {{0}}1. || style="text-align:left;"| Oxocero Holdings || style="text-align:left;"| Alkmaar
| align="center" | {{0}}2. || style="text-align:left;"| PP Holdings || style="text-align:left;"| Lareanit
| align="center" | {{0}}3. || style="text-align:left;"| Post le Mahusetoni || style="text-align:left;"| Alkmaar
| align="center" | {{0}}4. || style="text-align:left;"| MahusetoniTV || style="text-align:left;"| Alkmaar
Mahuset has a temperate climate, and rainfall is constant. The seasons are quite variable in temperature, however temperatures rarely fall below −5 °C (23 °F) or rise above 30 °C (86 °F). Snowfall can occur in winter and early spring.
{{Weather box
|location = Alkmaar, Mærtan Ihuset, Mahuset
|Jan high C= 5
|Feb high C= 5
|Mar high C= 8
|Apr high C= 12
|May high C= 16
|Jun high C= 19
|Jul high C= 21
|Aug high C= 21
|Sep high C= 18
|Oct high C= 14
|Nov high C= 9
|Dec high C= 6
|year high C= 12.8
|Jan low C= 0
|Feb low C= 0
|Mar low C= 2
|Apr low C= 4
|May low C= 8
|Jun low C= 10
|Jul low C= 12
|Aug low C= 12
|Sep low C= 10
|Oct low C= 7
|Nov low C= 3
|Dec low C= 1
|year low C = 5.7
|Jan sun = 62
|Feb sun = 84
|Mar sun = 124
|Apr sun = 150
|May sun = 217
|Jun sun = 210
|Jul sun = 186
|Aug sun = 186
|Sep sun = 120
|Oct sun = 93
|Nov sun = 60
|Dec sun = 31
|year sun = 1523
|source 1 = Mahusetan Government}}
===States and Federal departments===
Mahuset is a federation of numerous states, also called territories, who are guaranteed numerous rights outlined in the constitution.
! Flag
! Emblem
! Name
! Political Realm
! Population
! Parliamental Delegates
! Head of State
! Head of Government
| colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''States'''
| [[File:MaertanIhuset.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:MaertanIhusetArms.png|60px]]
| <small>County of</small><br>Mærtan Ihuset
| [[File:MahusetTri.jpg|40px]] Pink Unity
|      4
|      Emilo I
|      Emilo I
|      Karin I
| [[File:Radon Flag.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:Radon Arms.png|60px]]
| <small>Principality of</small><br>Radon
| [[File:MahusetTri.jpg|40px]] Pink Unity
|      9
|      Nuri I
|colspan=2|<div align=center> Nuri I
| [[File:Matsia Flag.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:Matsia Arms.png|60px]]
| <small>State of</small><br>Matsia
| [[File:MahusetTri.jpg|40px]] Pink Unity
|      4
|      Matthies Kersbergen
|colspan=2|<div align=center> Matthies Kersbergen
| colspan= "13" style="text-align:center; background:#bfd7ff;"| '''Territories'''
| [[File:Kanifa.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:Kanifa Arms.png|60px]]
| <small>County of</small><br>United Kanifa
| [[File:MahusetTri.jpg|40px]] Pink Unity
|  1
| Shady Morsi
|colspan=2|<div align=center> Shady Morsi
| [[File:Starnia.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:Starnia Arms.png|60px]]
| <small>Republic of</small><br>Starnia
| [[File:Starnia.png|40px]] Starnia
|  1
| Hasan Çakar
|colspan=2|<div align=center> Hasan Çakar
| [[File:MatiasSopha.png|60px|border]]
| [[File:MatiasSopha Arms.png|60px]]
| <small>County of</small><br>Matias and Sopha
| [[File:MahusetTri.jpg|40px]] Pink Unity
|  Uninhabited
| Vacant
|colspan=2|<div align=center> Vacant
Mahuset has various holidays and they are:
{| class="wikitable"
! Date
! English name
! Dutch name
! Remarks
| 1st of January
| New Year's Day
| Nieuwjaar
| The day before is called "Old Year's Day" and not "New Year's Eve."
| 9th of January
| Prince Day
| Prinsdag
| Celebration of the birth of Jeroen I.
| March/April
| Good Friday
| Goede Vrijdag
| It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday.
| March/April
| Easter
| Eerste Paasdag  en Tweede Paasdag 
| The Mahusetans celebrate two days of Easter (on Sunday and the subsequent Monday).
| 4th of May
| Remembrance of the dead
| Dodenherdenking
| Remembrance of the deaths in the Second World War.
| 5th of May
| Liberation Day
| Bevrijdingsdag
| Celebration of the 1945 capitulation of German forces in World War II.
| 29th of May
| Mahuset Day
| Mahuset Dag
| Celebration of the creation of Mahuset.
| 26th of September
| King Day
| Koning Dag
| Celebration of the birth of Emiel I.
| 8th of October
| Siege Day
| Alkmaar's Ontzet
| Celebration of the Dutch forces winning from the Spanish forces.
| 8th of October
| Saint Nicholas
| Pakjesavond
| A predecessor of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, gives presents to the children. While Saint Nicholas' name day is on 6th of December, in Mahuset usually only Saint Nicholas' Eve is celebrated on the 5th of December.
| 4th of December-6th of December
| Saint Nicholas
| Pakjesavond
| A predecessor of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, gives presents to the children. While Saint Nicholas' name day is on 6th of December, in Mahuset usually only Saint Nicholas' Eve is celebrated on the 5th of December.
| 25th and the 26th of December
| Christmas
| Kerstmis
| The Mahusetans celebrate two days of Christmas: Eerste Kerstdag (the first day of Christmas) and Tweede Kerstdag (Boxing day).

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