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Federation of the Memerlands
Flag of the Memerlands.png

?????? ???????? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? ???????? (Our people are the second best in the world)
"Kazakhstan, Greatest Country in the World"
The Universe and Micras.
Capital citySonichu City
Largest cityMcCarthiabul
Official language(s)Armenian
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameMemerlands
GovernmentConstitutional Memearchy
- JacksonVacant
- NolanNed Greiner
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 20
EstablishedJune 2016
National sportWeightlifting, Boxing, Sword-eating
National animalDonkey
Patron saintSt. Azamat the Non-Catholic

The Federation of the United Memerlands is a comical micronational "superpower" consisting of past troll states. It was originally formed in June 2016, but was reformed in August of that same year. It was founded by Ned Greiner.

Constituent St8s

Flag Name Annexation Date Population Leader
Flag of McCarthiastan2.png Empire of McCarthiastan 2 August 2016 666 n/a
Flag of Turkazakhstan.png Democratic Federation of Türkazakhstan 2 August 2016 10,000 n/a
Kid United Republic Flag.png Kid United Republic 2 August 2016 40 Nolan Cole (Ned Greiner)
Backyardistan.png Republic of Backyardistan 2 August 2016 12 n/a
Flag of Examplestan.png Example of Examplestan 2 August 2016 1 n/a
Flag of Hurgyburg.png Hurgyburg 2 August 2016 42 million n/a
Flag of Magtaka.png Socialist Republic of Magtaka 2 August 2016 115 n/a
Flag of the United Kingdom.png United States of America 2 August 2016 c. 316,000 Matthew Cummings
60px Memeist Republic of Pepeboistan 2 August 2016 1999 Hunter Nash