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<b>// Old and abandoned account of [[User:FlorinFox|FlorinFox]] \\</b>

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// Old and abandoned account of FlorinFox \\

My Userboxes
Flag of Vladislavia.svg This user was a founder and leader of Vladislavia.
Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg This user is a founder and citizen of the United States of Akkerman.
Flag of Verd'land.svg This user is a founder and leader of Verd'land.
Flag of Verd'land.svg This user states that he is Verd'landian.
Flag of Germany.png This user is of German and Romanian ancestory. Flag of Romania.png
Flag of Ukraine.png This user is unfortunately a citizen of Nazi Germany Ukraine.
Flag of Sweden.png This user likes Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Albania and Moldova. Flag of Norway.png Flag of Albania.png
Flag of Ireland.png Flag of Moldova.png
Flag of the Czech Republic.png This user is a Czechaboo and future citizen of Czech Republic.
(If he wouldn't be killed by Ukrainian neonazi earlier.)
ru-N This user is a native speaker of Russian.
This user is an upper-intermediate leveled English speaker.
(But he forgot a half of grammar rules, so frequently makes ridiculous mistakes.)
vl-2 Ɩuzer hnovecɩ Vẽrdɩlandiɩ Spriga in hẽlɩviɩ solgur.
cs-1 Tento uživatel ma zakladní znalosti češtiny.
ro-0 Acest utilizator dorește să știe limba română.
Other info
Flag of Russia.png This user is in stage of ideological war with some Russian-speaking micronationalists.
Medium time trial.png This user is a micronationalist for 3 years, 10 months, 8 days.
2001 This user was born in 2001.
About Talk Sandbox

Hello, Salut, Ahoj and Sviɩtarɩ! I am real person (OH RLY) naming Vladislav (or Garsilig). Now I am leading: United States of Akkerman together with my granddad (but nobody cares) and whatever-ship/dom of Verd'land, micronation set to be established 5-6 years later. If asteroid wouldn't fall on head.

I want to apologize for your changelogs flooding, as i can make hundreds of tiny edits.

WARNING! I look like attention whore, but I am not one. Maybe. IDK.

Why i'm here?


Weird self-definition brought me here. When the country where I was born irretrievably died inside of me, according to my official ancestory I was Russian, then German, then again Ukrainian, then Romanian... and then I understood that it's time to stop and unite them all, and I declared myself a part of the nation which became the most native and close to me, although it was fictional early and by regular scenario it had should to be such.

Shortly, i became a Verd'landian and want to build a microstate which won't just be, but which would be a kind of informal but factually real country with original nation and a lot of interesting things. Because I feel indebted to do this all for being "original" in questions of self-definition. You know, as in Russian idiom: "You call yourself a mushroom, so go to basket!"

Still hope to find something similar in Microworld.

United States of Akkerman

The first micronation of southern Ukraine, and the first micronation in Bessarabia ever created.

C'mon, let's seize abandoned house and make it a headquarters of shashlik revolution (well, nope, let New Whiteyard be one). Then, mark all trains, buses, tomatoes on market. Also don't forget about building some boats and floating in firth. Make a water taxi to Ovidiopol! DON'T FORGET THE GRAPES AND STRIPES FLAG! Government is shit, let we make our one. Sell the vine, pay a 10% tax! Hold some festivals, parades, contests — invite representers of all villages of the Bessarabia, but not from Zatoka, we will occupy them anyway. Do as I say, and we will MAKE AKKERMAN GREAT AGAIN!

Well, where is everybody?


I knew that Russian micronationalists are kids or inadequate or non-valuable or together or whatever (yeah-yeah-yeah, with such thoughts I'm not ideal too, but damn...). But never thought they are so toxic people. I just decided to create some articles on their wiki... and then found myself in ideological war as WESTERN SPY SYKABLYAT damn leftie, traitor, zoophile, furfag, eurofag, liberal fag and just fag against of cool heterosexual guys.

Well, I hope their idiotic "nations" will naturally die in next 3-5 years. They are already too adult to play in countries in a way the small kids do.

My stuff




Flag collection

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